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Replace the word tactical with practical or just add the word practical and you are describing the Tactical Notebook Covers product, Field Data Book Cover System. If you have the need for a notepad that you want to secure and have the attributes that compliment it right

Blackbeard, the auto-resetting trigger system for AR-15’s Dry fire practice can be cumbersome on pistols and even more so on AR-15 platform rifles.  Often it doesn’t get done because of the resetting of the trigger. MantisX, known for high-quality dry practice devices

Safariland to Now Offer New Innovative Ballistic Protection Helmet Solutions Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland® Armor, a brand of The Safariland Group®, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets and one of Cadre Holdings, Inc.’s (NYSE: CDRE)

The Zeus Arms Proteus Pistol is the ultimate compact survival gun. The Proteus features a Quick Detach removable Barrel system and foldable brace for carry in a backpack or pistol case. The Proteus is a great American made gun at

I've avoided the Holosun for all the familiar reasons for a long time.  I can't avoid them any longer and don't want to ignore them either. Some of the other players need to pay attention. The Holosun SCS or Solar Charging Sight

A new study from the Force Science Institute has been released concerning the relationship between grip strength and shooting performance.  The study focused on the effects of grip strength and gender on shooting performance and was led by Ph.D. student

screw length matters and go easy on the lube when you are installing a red dot sight on a pistol.

New Ammo is Cheap Insurance It's a simple thing to do but often neglected, especially in times like this where ammunition can be so darn hard to find. As expensive as ammunition is, it is still cheap insurance to ensure that the

You need to quit shooting your ammunition. Well, kind of. Get yourself a Mantis and a SIRT from NextLevel Training and hit the ground running.

Get a better night's sleep with 10-7 Good Night from Hero Fuel.