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This article is for those who may be interested in purchasing a Canik pistol, or a Trijicon RMR2 red dot optic. I've recently covered both of these topics, but this time there is proof through real fire and "testing" if

Kel-Tec has long been known for innovative and sometimes controversial designs like the PMR-30, the Sub 2000 or the bullpup RDB. The hallmark of the company has been seeing a niche market forcing their way into it and maximizing the

If you have a GLOCK MOS with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro you’ve discovered that your options for back-up iron sights is limited.  You need to try out the AmeriGlo GL-808 9XL sights and see what you’ve been missing. Red dot sights

Wal-Mart Nanny State Madness  In a move announced today the nations leading retailer Bentonville, Arkansas based Wal-Mart announced it will stop selling handgun ammunition immediately. The chain has been slowing stepping back from it’s support of the 2ndamendment in the last

About four years back, Canik made a fairly significant splash with the TP9SA- (Tactical Pistol-9mm, Single Action), and the internet was buzzing. This particular model came in tan, and who doesn't love tan? Anyway, there was quite a stir about this particular

Springfield Armory's XD-E is the only viable DA/SA single-stack on the market.  Reliability and safety are the two major advantages of this action type, but rarely are they an option in a single-stack 9mm.  Lesser-trained shooters may struggle with learning

Maybe I'm just slow, but it's looking like the Glock platform is creeping up on the AR platform in regard to the " what in the heck can we do with it this week?" aspect. Maybe other makers do this

If you’re stuck with an MOS Glock as your only choice for mounting a reflex/red dot sight you need a C&H Precision Weapons Red Dot Mounting Plate. Choosing a method of mounting a red dot sight to your Glock pistol can

I've been waiting for this pistol for at least 15 years. This was roughly the time frame when my state became Shall Issue. Prior to that, I'd not envisioned the ability to carry concealed. We had to jump through hoops

The 1911 is an ancient weapon, at least by modern standards. It's one of those guns people just love, and the market reacts to what the people love. 1911s are still produced in massive numbers and they come in almost