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I recently attended the Glock Armorer Course again for recertification. The main pistol we worked on was the new Generation 5. In my quest to present truth versus the half assed ignorance so prevalent on the internet, I will share

What if I told you that there was a pistol on the market that weighted under a pound unloaded, was made of polymer and could hold 30 rounds of ammunition for under $400.00 ? What if I told you that

When I first decided to build an 80 percent lower Glock I knew sourcing parts could be pricey so I looked to save where I could. A Poly 80 Glock isn’t one I plan to use for self-defense or combat

Grey Ghost Precision V4 Slide The Slide, Improved I like Glock pistols and I like red dot sights. Optic sights on your combat gun allows for faster target transition, a wider field of view with both eyes open, quicker sight acquisition of

There is one name in the handgun community that is instantly recognizable that concurs up images of old time cops like Harry "Dirty Harry" Callahan patrolling the streets in the name of law and order and that name in Smith

We first brought word a few weeks ago from the National Rifle Associations annual show that Sig Sauer was releasing a new New Hampshire build P-210 pistol. As luck would have it one day shortly after that article published I

Shoot with a Purpose When training with a pistol or a rifle on your own it’s easy to lose focus and waste ammunition by “just shooting.”  Have a plan and train with a purpose by using targets with a built-in lesson

The M&P 22 Compact by Smith & Wesson is the perfect tool for teaching new shooters. The price is right, ammunition is cheap and the low recoil of a .22 caliber firearm makes it the perfect teaching tool. The M&P

No Coach Available? Often, we shoot on our own without outside input or supervision. How can we maximize our training time and expenses by dialing ourselves in? Distance. Not only is distance our friend in a gun-fight but it can be

With a history that dates back to 1949, the SIG SAUER P210 was the combat handgun for the Swiss Military, and is regarded as one of the most legendary, reliable, and accurate firearms in the world. Today, SIG SAUER, Inc.