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The Polymer 80 brand was originally known as the OG manufacturer of 80% AR 15 lowers that were easy to mill and affordable. What made them a household name is their Glock frames. They produced an 80% frame that allowed

Things have been busy here at the site but we wanted to give you a peek at what we have coming soon. We have received one of the new Ruger Wrangler pistols to get some trigger time with. The pistol

Lone Wolf Distributors (LWD) has become famous for their  design and manufacture of custom glock slides, custom glock barrels and other custom accessories. They have now rolled out some new options which further set them apart; laser engraved Kryptek and

Since the release of the 92 Elite LTT, many have described it as the ultimate Beretta 92 and everything that platform should be. With renewed interest in Beretta's classic, so too has come demand for a Langdon Tactical version of

XS® Sights new RAM™ Night Sights are designed to be the brightest sight options for fast and accurate shooting in any light. Why 3-Dot Sights After 20 Years? Notch and post sights are an industry standard. Most duty grade pistols come equipped

Red dot sights have been widely adopted on rifles resulting in increased effectiveness of shooters through all professions and sports. Are red dots effective on duty and self defense pistols too? I have become a big believer in pistol mounted

It’s Different APEX has done it again with their all new trigger enhancement kit for the slimline series of Glock pistols.  Their new slimline trigger system is compatible with the Glock 43, 43X, and 48.  It is available in black, red,

The first true aftermarket grip module for the SIG P320, the MIRZON enhanced grip module is now available. The Sig Sauer P320 is a truly modular platform which allows shooters to customize their pistol for the task at hand. I

This article is for those who may be interested in purchasing a Canik pistol, or a Trijicon RMR2 red dot optic. I've recently covered both of these topics, but this time there is proof through real fire and "testing" if

Kel-Tec has long been known for innovative and sometimes controversial designs like the PMR-30, the Sub 2000 or the bullpup RDB. The hallmark of the company has been seeing a niche market forcing their way into it and maximizing the