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Lately there have been lots of emails floating around about great surplus rifle and handgun deals, many of them I have been able to ignore but our friends at Palmetto State Armory once again made me an offer I couldn't

In these days of shortage it is nice to find something available. New In Stock and Ready To Ship, has Sig compatible Lower Parts Kits available to finish your MUP or Sig Sauer P320 or P320 compatible gun frame

Wither you are a new shooter or an old pro, selecting a handgun can seem daunting. With current availability challenges, you are faced with fewer choices which can make the decision even more difficult. The good news is that most American

The Springfield Armory Hellcat is a great pistol but the trigger is a little lacking. Add the Apex trigger and make it hellacious in a great way.

Find a reputable trainer for your tactical firearms training, don't take your advice from a politician.

TALON Grips has done it again with the new PRO GRIP texture that is a perfect balance of comfort and traction. Made in the USA.

We all get emails from dealers and manufacturers with specials, close outs and deals we are told we can't live without. A few weeks ago I clicked on an advertisement from AIM Surplus and browsed thought it. I'm always a

Mounting a RDS to an MOS pistol? You need to ditch the stock trash and get a C & H Precision Weapon Systems mounting plate. Go with the new V4 Defender and avoid getting #PirateEye

Maybe this is the first time you've decided to purchase a handgun, or maybe you already have a dozen. The premise for this was aimed at that potential first time buyer, and for making a sound decision. This advice is

If you have a Canik, you know the pain of seeking a proprietary magazine that is not common. With a little effort, you can cut a new locking notch into a Beretta pistol magazine and run it in the Canik