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Making your own pistol is, for now, still legal to do and you should! Know the laws in your locality and make sure you follow them while also working to make it legal for everyone through the legal process.

June 14, 2020 (Las Vegas, NV) – Rock Island Armory has announced the addition of a striker-fired pistol to its long line of 2021 product introductions. The STK100 features a solid frame that gives shooters the advantages of metal for the price

The most honest coach you can have is one that will be honest with you. The Mantis X10 Elite delivers! This simple device can attach to just about any of your shooting sports devices. The Mantis X10 Elite records thousands

screw length matters and go easy on the lube when you are installing a red dot sight on a pistol.

New Ammo is Cheap Insurance It's a simple thing to do but often neglected, especially in times like this where ammunition can be so darn hard to find. As expensive as ammunition is, it is still cheap insurance to ensure that the

Is your Glock pistol boring and plain or remodeled but messed up? If you said yes to either of these questions, check out how to make your Glock mo betta!

Even in 2020 when we are surrounded by more than a dozen different versions of polymer hi capacity pistols there is still a place the hearts and gun cabinets of many for a trust old wheel gun. The problem seems

I love Trijicon. I've been using their wares for over 25 years (yikes) and I am excited about their new Trijicon RMRCC. Pared with the Glock 48, you have a very good thing in a small package. Anyway, the 48 is

Coming very soon will be our review of Rock Island Armory's new revolver series. We've only had it a short time but it really is shaping up to be a great piece for the wheel gun lover on a budget.

Lately there have been lots of emails floating around about great surplus rifle and handgun deals, many of them I have been able to ignore but our friends at Palmetto State Armory once again made me an offer I couldn't