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ALUMAGRIPS may just be the best 1911 grips ever made. Just about everyone is manufacturing grips but not like these. ALUMAGRIPS allows you to custom design your grips on their website. Check out to view their products and then

Blaser USA is pleased to announce a special promotion in partnership with Minox Optics. From July 15, 2019 through December 31, 2019, customers who purchase any new Mauser or J.P. Sauer and Sohn rifle from an authorized dealer’s in-store inventory

This installment will deal with 1 persons experience of running a range as a certified Instructor with 20 years experience, and being exposed to over 4 million rounds at that range, not counting training around the country in various capacities

This typing up articles thing is fairly foreign to me- and this is the major reason why. First, there's nothing that I have to contribute that hasn't already been covered before. Every time an idea comes to me, all I've

For our next visit to the world of Wonky, let's look at some other things that people get all knotted up about, and seek harmony within the firearms sporting community. After all, wouldn't it be grand if we could just

Every find yourself looking for a flashlight that uncomplicated, affordable, durable, not too big and features a bright 2000 lumen LED light that won't kill your wallet ? Wouldn't it be great if this mythical light also had a recharging

Many shooters have a Beretta 92 in the back of the safe. Langdon Tactical upgrades can make it your favorite shooter. The Optimized Performance Trigger Bar is the latest from LTT. It makes for lightening-quick follow-up shots without compromising the

I wanted to take a few moments to tell you what gear we are currently field testing that will be on the site in the next few weeks. The company's who have helped us recently have been more than generous

A PDW is a Personal Defense Weapon. In military speak it's a weapon that falls in between a rifle and a pistol and is often used by troops doing jobs outside of the front lines. The PDW concept isn't new

Gun control laws can often be quite confusing. For example, look at California. Read some of their confusing laws and you'll begin to see that they are a literal maze of red tape. With gun control being so confusing some