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The single most important factor in precision shooting is consistency. The best way to develop consistency is repetition. If you don’t own an indoor range or live in the desert, how are you going to get your repetition? How can

With hunting season underway across the country, an increasing number of AR-15 platforms are being used in the field. Modular, accurate and durable are attributes that make the AR-15 platform or Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) such a popular choice. In

Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT™), a leader in USA-made rifle/carbine accessories, is proud to introduce the Battlelink Extreme Duty Minimalist Stock. Building on its popular minimalist platform, MFT recognized the need for a more robust stock capable of withstanding long-term

Today's red dot optic market is all about delivering the best prices on an optic to the consumer while not compromising quality. This weekend it seems that optics giant Primary Arms decided to run a 24 hour special on the

CMC Triggers, the original manufacturer of the AR Drop in Trigger Group, has announced the official launch of the CMC Remington 700 Ultra Precision Trigger. Known for creating the best aftermarket match grade triggers for the AR15, AR10, AK and

The guys at Real Avid have done it again. Their kit of Master Grade Tools and how-to information equips you to confidently tackle everything from building your own gun from the ground up to customizing or modifying an existing gun.

With the expansion of concealed carry rights, just about everyone involved in the shooting sports is looking for self-defense ammunition. G2 Research specializes in self-defense ammo designed to stay inside the target and to release all of its energy greatly

Rifle shooters of all kinds like to peg nice tight groups at the range. But there are some misunderstandings about those groups and what they mean for our long-range shooting. Ballistic can be a huge help here, assisting us as

This article is for those who may be interested in purchasing a Canik pistol, or a Trijicon RMR2 red dot optic. I've recently covered both of these topics, but this time there is proof through real fire and "testing" if

Earlier this year I acquired multiple magazine types from KCI, and have used their drums in 5.56 a couple different times. So far, with zero lubrication they have provided flawless service. The Glock magazines have worked equally well in Generation