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Machineguns and NFA Weapons

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Want to shoot 9mm from your AR with out a dedicated 9mm lower or a magazine adapter? Want to train with AR magazines that fit in your gear and function like your .223 mags? Want last round bolt hold open?

The federal ban on a firearm accessory commonly referred to as the "Bump Stock" is about to take place in just a few days but what does that mean for the thousands of people who legally bought these stocks and

The Czechs made this gun under many different names while they were occupied by Nazi Germany. One thing for sure this 7.92 x 57 mm Mauser powered machine gun will put a hurt on just about anything from people to

Sometimes its good to have friends with different tastes in guns. This Soviet DP-28 in 7.62 x54 R was brought to us courtesy of Arctic Arms in Chugiak Alaska. He is a 07/02 SOT and a friend of the site

The MP-5 was the go to submachine gun of the cold war.  It was a Hollywood chick magnet and the sex symbol of a generation.  Where it came from and where it went is a twisted tale of terrorism and ballistics. This story