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The holsters aren't rough but the people they are made for might be. If you are a pistol owner that is anything like me, you have a drawer full of holsters that you are disappointed in and one or two that

Don't be that person that thinks an eye injury or hearing loss won't happen to you. Defend your vision and your ears every time you enjoy the shooting sports with quality eye and ear protection such as that offered by Edge

Champion Announces New Small Frame Ear Muffs. “At Champion, we are constantly looking at the hearing protection market in order to bring the best products to the shooting industry,”

A beginners guide to building an AR15 takes us into the conversation of what tools and space you will need.

You can have this, or that. Which would you choose?

WHERE DO YOU START? Start with a lower that is either completed or stripped.  Dependent upon what you chose for a build, a completed lower might be the way for you.  You will need to go through an FFL to purchase

Firearms Unknown has done a great job exposing the ridiculous state of federal gun laws. Even though it seems like satire, the definitions are 100% legit. You can google shoe lace machineguns. It is a thing at ATF. Firearms Unknown's YouTube page has

In 2020 due to a large variety of social, & political reasons in the United States we were able to witness more than 39 million NICS background checks performed in 2020 (via Thats a 60% increase over the recorded

New Ammo is Cheap Insurance It's a simple thing to do but often neglected, especially in times like this where ammunition can be so darn hard to find. As expensive as ammunition is, it is still cheap insurance to ensure that the

February 9, 2021 — Now featuring classic Woodland camouflage paired with a Cerakote Flat Dark Earth finish on the receiver and barrel, the Winchester® Super X4 Hybrid Hunter Woodland is an eye-catching performer. Rain or shine, fast cycling is never an issue with