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Lately there have been lots of emails floating around about great surplus rifle and handgun deals, many of them I have been able to ignore but our friends at Palmetto State Armory once again made me an offer I couldn't

Bring back the FUNdamentals of shooting with Firebird Targets USA and the biodegradable 50BIO

"The last holster you'll ever buy" is a lie. You need more than one just like she needs more than one pair of shoes or purses.

sales are up and availability is down, don't delay, get a gun, ammunition, and training now.

A better grip for your gun can be had and you can do it yourself with OT Defense Stippletec. See how to do it yourself with a kit that's made for doing the job.

Recoil anticipation, the main cause of inaccuracy, is a multi-faceted beast. It is most commonly described as a fear of the handgun exploding suddenly and moving rapidly towards your face. And trying not to flinch is like trying not to

Impressum Media, publisher of the Firearms Guide series of guns & ammo reference and value guides just published new 11th Edition as Flash Drive & Online Combo! “The New Firearms Guide Flash Drive 11th Edition is published on a super fast 16

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – July 1, 2020 – Savage is pleased to announce a dynamic addition to their Rascal line-up. The Rascal Red, White, & Blue is dressed in an American flag camo pattern that creates a colorful homage to Old Glory,

Everybody hates the rules, especially safety rules. Cool firearms instructors post videos on YouTube breaking the rules. Sometimes, you can bend the rules and get away with it and sometimes exceptions will bite you. I have learned much of what I I want to tell you about a ridiculously simple invention called “Dry Fire Cord.”  Here are 3 versions of it: I’m going to tell you why you want one and, even though it’s patented, how to make your own. First off, here