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A better option than the traditional flash-bang?

Unintentional fragmentation, fire hazards, and too much smoke impeding the ability to identify threats are all some of the consequences that come with the solution of using a flash-bang.

Not always worth the risk

Sometimes violence is the answer when responding to dynamic and dangerous situations with the criminal element for law enforcement or even the civilian responder.  Tools that give the good-guys surprise factors and critical seconds to enter a room or area and process for decision making can be a critical piece of gear that determines an outcome.

If only a tool existed that was not listed as a destructive device, could be re-used, posed no fire hazards, and no fragmentation risks these tools might be more widely used when needed.  Oh, and if we’re making a wish list it would be able to pack a payload of irritants like PAVA (Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide – a synthetic capsaicinoid)!  Does this solution already exist with PAVASHOT Inc’s NPDD (non-pyrotechnic diversionary device)?  Yes, yes it does.

OJP.GOV lists flashbangs as having, “always the possibility of fire, and a great deal of smoke is produced.  There is also the danger of flying fragments and the possibility that it will not ignite.  Flashbangs can cause loss of hearing so it should be…” The risk of a fire is real with normal flashbangs.  The risk of fires with the non-pyro diversionary device from PAVASHOT Inc. is nonexistent.  The noise level of traditional flashbangs can be inconsistent and a risk to users.  PAVASHOT ‘s noise levels are predictable and repeatable. The design of the NPDD technology had the consumer in mind with the prevention of injuries and property at the top of mind.  The all weather nitrogen propellant and high quality materials gives you peace of mind.  PAVASHOT’s NPDD produces no heat for a full elimination of potential fire hazards.

PAVASHOT Inc.’s NPDD is a reusable device that is easy and quick to load and deploy in the field.  After that initial use, it’s easy to reload and then redeploy.

There are no legal restrictions associated with the PAVASHOT NPDD like traditional flash-bangs.  DISCLAIMER – Customers purchasing the NPDD must show verification of LE/Military, and Private Security before the purchase as a policy of PAVASHOT Inc.

If noise alone isn’t going to be enough for the mission, you’re able to choose the payload to increase the distraction and incapacitating effects with 2% or 5% Pava Powder.  The blast radius for the Pava when deployed through the PAVASHOT Inc.’s NPDD is a surprising 7 meters!

Setting the device up was a breeze.  The quality case is opened up, you pick up the action with safety pin and safety lever, thread on the payload of choice for your mission, thread on the gas canister and you are ready to roll.  The PAVASHOT Inc.’s NPDD has a three-stage system which uses the nitrogen cartridge, a pneumatic delay timer which is the NPDD body, and a burst envelope which looks like a miniaturized car airbag that acts as the payload.  The training device version will even remind you of an airbag deployment if you’ve ever experienced one.

The loud “bang” of the payload delivers a 175+ DB bang plus a concussion wave which will temporarily disorient suspects allowing you to take control of dangerous situations.  My video of deployment does not do ANY justice to the concussion and noise experienced on deployment.

The NPDD absolutely solves problems for law enforcement and civilians alike for the category of flashbangs and is a much safer solution to flash-bangs.

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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