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Last week, I had the privilege to teach at the A Girl And A Gun national conference for the 6th year in a row.  It was in beautiful Grand Junction Colorado at the Cameo Shooting Complex and it was another incredible

XS® Sights is making a new sight installation tool for Glock pistols with a simple design which works with optics and suppressor height sights. Fast and easy to use, it reduces installation force by up to 50%. The aluminum body

XS® Sights is pleased to introduce two Inline Rear Sight Tools for Glock® pistols – the DIY Series™ and GUNSMITH Series™. Both are fast and easy to use, reducing installation force by up to 50%. The unique open-top design of these tools allows easy

Blackbeard, the auto-resetting trigger system for AR-15’s Dry fire practice can be cumbersome on pistols and even more so on AR-15 platform rifles.  Often it doesn’t get done because of the resetting of the trigger. MantisX, known for high-quality dry practice devices

A New Approach My firearms experience was always centered around Hunting Safely and Ethically. The ethical portion focused on becoming an excellent marksman, so I would always kill the animal swiftly. Included in my endeavors was learning how to hold the firearm,

Want to improve your aim and get real-time feedback on dry fire practice with your firearm while you save thousand$ on ammunition? The Mantis Laser Academy can do all of this, right in your living room. I have been using the

The most honest coach you can have is one that will be honest with you. The Mantis X10 Elite delivers! This simple device can attach to just about any of your shooting sports devices. The Mantis X10 Elite records thousands

"The Sheriff of Baghdad" aka John "Shrek" McPhee of SOB Tactical offers some practical advice on how to estimate distance. This rule of thumb lets you quickly gauge how far away people are from you. I checked this

There are some trips to the range that I remember very clearly… A decade or so ago, I bought an H&K USPc. I immediately took it to the range, had the sights swapped out, and took it onto the range for a

There are two things you must do to hit a target. You must index the barrel on the target and you must pull the trigger without moving the sights. This is simple but not easy. Let's talk about how we index