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This typing up articles thing is fairly foreign to me- and this is the major reason why. First, there's nothing that I have to contribute that hasn't already been covered before. Every time an idea comes to me, all I've

For our next visit to the world of Wonky, let's look at some other things that people get all knotted up about, and seek harmony within the firearms sporting community. After all, wouldn't it be grand if we could just

Shoot with a Purpose When training with a pistol or a rifle on your own it’s easy to lose focus and waste ammunition by “just shooting.”  Have a plan and train with a purpose by using targets with a built-in lesson

The M&P 22 Compact by Smith & Wesson is the perfect tool for teaching new shooters. The price is right, ammunition is cheap and the low recoil of a .22 caliber firearm makes it the perfect teaching tool. The M&P

No Coach Available? Often, we shoot on our own without outside input or supervision. How can we maximize our training time and expenses by dialing ourselves in? Distance. Not only is distance our friend in a gun-fight but it can be

The Challenge Targets' Texas Star is a moving, reactionary, and steel target that lets you train like you fight.  Real targets move, they aren’t just static pieces of paper waiting for us to score a great hit in the ten-ring! The

Shoots Like a SIG Because It Is One On the SIG X-Five air pistol packaging it says it, “Shoots like a SIG because it is one.”  The remark on the packaging is accurate. The SIG X-Five air pistol is an excellent choice

Get a Grip An Option to Stippling Talon Grips offers a creative solution to a common problem amongst polymer gun owners; lack of traction when gripping the gun. Granulate or Rubber With two primary grip styles of granulate or rubber, Talon Grips offers a

Trainers don’t usually talk about astigmatism unless they have one. Some shooters have gone through a series of optics or just said “I can’t use red dots”. If you see an irregular shape or a "fuzzy dot" when using red dot

I used to love watching GI Joe cartoons. If you don’t remember or don’t know, they’d have little public service announcements like, “if some sketchy dude pulls up next to you in a van with the windows blacked out and asks