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I will be the first to admit I’m not a fan of change at all, and that even comes down to my hearing protection. The classic over the ear muffs were my standard go to ear protection for years. That

Living history, this official US Army film bulletin outlines the advantages of American automatic weapons compared to Germany's. Side by side live fire comparison of rate of fire vs accuracy and ammunition consumption. Everything in life and war is a trade-off.

While working around loud noises for the better part of my life I have required quality hearing protection for many years. Whether on the job site working construction, on active duty as a police officer, firearms instructor, or even just

screw length matters and go easy on the lube when you are installing a red dot sight on a pistol.

Hearing woes are answered with Walker's Razor COMM BT amplified hearing protection.

You need to quit shooting your ammunition. Well, kind of. Get yourself a Mantis and a SIRT from NextLevel Training and hit the ground running.

SmallArmsSolutions has done a great video which demystifies the AR buffer system and gives some great advice of selecting a buffer. Bottom line: If you got a gun with a buffer, think twice before you change from OEM. If you are

Savage Arms is proud to introduce the 110 Timberline, also available with a left hand action. Low temperatures. Dry air. Low pressures. Long shots. With the new Savage 110 Timberline, they're all attainable.

Red dot sights on pistols, also called micro red dots or micro red dot sights (MDRS), are all the rage right now for defensive use after proving their effectiveness in the shooting sports for the last several years. They are almost

How Many Parts Does Your AK Need? Not as Many as You Think. Thanks to this video from the Klashnikov Group, we know the exact answer. Don't try this at home. In Soviet Russia, AK shoots you. Conclusion: the AK will fire