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Smart Firearms does more than just keeping your booger hook  off the bang switch when it doesn’t belong on it.  The rule of keeping your finger off the trigger until your sights are aligned and ready to fire is a

The MantisX connects to the accessory rail or magazine base plate of any firearm. It’s sensors report the movement of the firearm, describe your trigger pull and coach you for better performance. Works with rifles or pistols in live fire,

There are one hundred different AR triggers out there. This post will give you some insights to some of the aftermarket stuff out there for the same reason. There will likely be some who disagree, but that's okay, as variety

The trigger on the AR rifle is a wonder of design. The original model, commonly called "MIL SPEC" or military specification has been imitated, but not equaled as a rugged and reliable Fire Control Group (FCG). This is a misnomer,

MagPump is back at SHOT Show 2020 with an expanded magazine retainer collection that's sure to accommodate your gun and refined internals that guarantee flawless operation for years to come. MagPump at SHOT Show 2020 If you haven't experienced how easy

NextLevel Training SIRT, will they finally have a rifle training solution for us?

If you carry a SIG than the wait is over. The SIRT 20/20C from NextLevel Training has finally arrived with its functional features of a SIG P320. The SIRT 20/20C features a metal slide with a green shot

The magwell extension and backstrap combo will install u sing the Nomad 9 Factory Backstrap Retention Pin and is CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum and Black Hard Coat Anodized.

Bring back the shotgun and take away any doubt that it's a dedicated less lethal launcher with Adaptive Tactical and Sandstrom Systems.

Use technology to train with the updated Mantis X10 Elite, a shooting performance system. Just attach the device, connect the phone or tablet, and collect the data!