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HOLOSUN SCS (Solar Charging Sight)

The new “Default” pistol sight has arrived

The Holosun SCS (Self Charging Sight) is low profile, your stock height sights work with it, and no add-on or aftermarket plates that add height and can fail are needed.  It has a self-adjusting brightness function that works and you don’t have to remember to change the battery.

The MOS System Is Less Than Desirable

The Holosun SCS is buying Glock some time to figure out their MOS system.  The MOS Glock plates are made to fit a myriad of optics and is a less than desirable solution.  Ditch the plates with this Holosun SCS and mount your optic right to the MOS slide for a low profile, tight and robust fit.

Pushing Innovation

An auto light adjustment system that seems to work is part of this great new optic choice from Holosun.  The SCS has an auto adjustable ambient light setting.  It has multiple sensors that merge together to tell you, “here’s the light you need.”  The SCS sees the light where you are and the light where you need to see.  It takes this data and gives you a brightness setting that actually self-adjusts accurately.  The lighting down range is important and this optic gets it right.

The SCS has the most technology built in of all the Holosun optics.  Holosun plans to offer this optic for more than just the Glock and the value of this thin optic will be great for all platforms.  You’ll eventually notice there isn’t a battery tray for you to mess with.  It does have a battery, it’s just not user replaceable similar to modern cellphones. If you’re the “troll in the cave” the battery will last you two years.  If you see some daylight, it will charge quickly and keep you fully charged.  The battery is serviceable by the manufacturer so if something does go wrong, Holosun will stand behind this optic.

Installation is Easy

Remove the MOS plate and make sure everything is clean.  Places your SCS on your MOS slide and fasten it to the slide using the two supplied screws.  These screws are a very specific length, be sure to use the right screws!  Apply some quality non-permanent (medium/blue) thread locker to the threads of the screws and allow the thread locker to get tacky.  Tighten the screws to 15 INCH/lbs using an INCH/lbs torque driver.  Verify that nothing is bound up (usually extraction problems from too long of screws being used and pinching down on the extractor depressor plunger.  You should add small witness marks to the installed screws and allow the thread lock to dry overnight.

Zeroing this optic is accomplished using the flat tipped end of the included Holosun tool into the turret slot and rotating with each click representing 1 minute of angle (MOA).  The optic itself was zeroed at the factory to approximately 25 yards but needs to be finely adjusted to your installed pistol.

Elevation adjustment is located at the top-rear section and windage is located on the right side of the housing at the rear.

I recommend a 15 yard (45 foot) zero using a rest or ransom to eliminate as much user error as possible.  The math for adjustments on optics can be quite confusing for some folks so here’s a general rule of thumb; if you were at 25 yards (1/4 of 100 yards which MOA is based upon), and your impacts were in a tight group two inches low and one inch right you would need to adjust elevation 8 clicks UP (counterclockwise) and 4 clicks LEFT (clockwise).  You have + or – 30MOA of maximum adjustment available.

With all the amazing things that Holosun is doing with optics, I wish they would make the elevation and windage adjustment interface to work with a piece of ammunition brass and not a specific tool.  This complaint is really the only thing I’ve been able to think of to complain about.

The SCS maintains Holosun’s ability to choose your reticle, has a titanium housing that is waterproof, shake awake technology, and a Lifetime Warranty.

Hey Everybody, Pay Attention

This optic screams at the competition and I hope they are listening.  I also think this optic nudges firearms manufacturers to make some changes for how we attach optics to pistols.  There is a better way and Holosun is doing it.

At $349.99, I think the Holosun SCS is a great value optic with awesome durability and features that challenges the rest of the market.

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