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Lake Forest, Ill. (January 16, 2020) — PepperBall®, the leader in non-lethal defense, unveils the new Compact launcher for the consumer market. This single-shot launcher is modernizing the pepper spray category. It is small, light to carry on the go and is

Create a Basic Emergency Field Kit with Nicole Apelian so you can survive and thrive!

There are lots of creative ways to repurpose stuff that you have laying around. Recently I got fascinated with the concept of a bag that allowed both trauma items and spare ammo. Since then I've made a couple and sent

My vehicle is called a "compact crossover SUV", and what this means is that it's a 4 cytlinder with 4 wheel drive, and I'm taller than my vehicle. This is wrong. There should be a law that you're not taller than your vehicle

Streamlight®, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, launched the Enduro® Pro USB, a headlamp with a 48 hour run time on low and two power LEDs and six output modes, for automotive technicians, industrial professionals and other users.  The new

Ethical Preparedness describes How to handle non prepping family members that come after SHTF We've all heard it: "When SHTF happens, I'm coming to your house!" This video gives a viable solution to how to deal with those people. About Ethical Preparedness: This channel is

When your worst case scenario hits, it is too late to buy gear. Asfaleia’s Concealed Carry Bags are an option that not only provides for concealed carry, but carries optional ballistic armor shield with Level IIIA or Level III armor

One thing that all special units have in common is an aversion to quitting and quitters. The greatest sin, the one unforgivable error, is to quit, no matter what the obstacle. Only death can stop a truly determined man. You

The Special Forces Selection and Assessment course puts a lot of science into identifying and promoting courage. Throughout the Special Forces Qualification Course and Robin Sage, courage, both physical and moral, is developed and tested. When a Green Beret deploys,

With no idea when this "trend" started, I started looking at these "pocket dumps" on line. Apparently there is a contest of sorts to see who can get the most minimalist important stuff in an Altoids tin. Take a moment