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Find a reputable trainer for your tactical firearms training, don't take your advice from a politician.

by Mathew Umstead One or two? That is the question. There are many ideologies and theories when it comes to proper fundamentals and being an effective shooter. When it comes to instructing I break it down into three categories: new shooters, novice,

The name Brinyte is no stranger to the site, we have been fortunate enough to perform extensive reviews on two of there flashlights in the past few months. So when the company reached out to us and agreed to send

Most people are interested in where they come from. There is a human desire to identify your people and learn their customs and tales. For some, it is as easy as talking to their grandparents. Many of us never had

Run! Seriously, if a handgun is pointed at you and there are more than 30 feet between you and the gunman, do not let him get any closer. Run in zig-zag as much as possible. At that distance, even seasoned

Headlines were screaming panic. The old man was prepared and working on the computer when the phone rang. As has become a necessity, the number on the phone I.D. was examined. An old friend, trusted and proven, was on

The MantisX connects to the accessory rail or magazine base plate of any firearm. It’s sensors report the movement of the firearm, describe your trigger pull and coach you for better performance. Works with rifles or pistols in live fire,

Recent analysis shows that online ammunition retailer,, has seen a significant increase in conversions and sales since February 23, 2020. The company reports that this surge corresponds with the public concern regarding the COVID-19 virus. According to Google Trends, starting on February 23,

Something that I’ve been told for years is, “Ox…you’re not normal.” One example of that is that when I was a junior or senior in high school, while my classmates were writing papers on relatively tame topics, I wrote a

The pocket flashlight wars are in full bloom and lucky for consumers competition breeds better products at better prices. Today's piece of Every Day Carry is one of the newest offerings from a company we featured here before on the