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The new NVX600 features an illuminator that allows viewing in the dark up to 300 meters. Not only does it allow for nighttime viewing but put on the daytime filter and instantly use the binocular during daytime activities. Insert a

Everyone once in a while I find myself looking at 24 hour sales or specials like Veterans Day sales and splurge a little on a new part or accessory. This week was no different when I saw my friends at

The Christmas season is upon us and like many my favorite gifts are guns. I love guns and when someone gives me one I am more than psyched. A big question people have, especially new gun buyers have, is it

Crossbreed holsters and belts combine beauty, craftsmanship, kydex, and leather to give you the best holsters and belts available.

December 1st, 2014 marked the birth of a new AR. CMMG introduced the Mk47 and it quickly became the go-to AR/AK for shooters. Unlike most AR/AK hybrids that use a fragile milled-out bolt, CMMG uses PowerBolt technology, which is a

Use technology to train with the updated Mantis X10 Elite, a shooting performance system. Just attach the device, connect the phone or tablet, and collect the data!

Recently we had a conversation with some of our industry friends who asked us if we would like to try out a set of XS Sight Systems "Big Dots" for one of our pistols. Well this was music to my

Finally after a few delays I was able to send my beloved Browning Hi Power Mk II back to world renowned gunsmith Alex Hamilton of 10 Ring Precision in San Antonio, Texas. Here is a sneak peak at the XS

American manufacturer GrovTec has released a new option for minimalist hunters looking for a better way to carry their gun. Adjustable ride height minimizes entanglements. By combining the features of a traditional Y-harness load-bearing system and sling, the Molle Padded BalancePoint

No one wants to get shot, in the same way very few permit holders think about the aftermath of a shooting. In some states, there's a bit about legal ramifications, but I'm not aware of any that give a crash