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Blauer FlexRS Covert Tactical Pants Blauer has done it again by challenging the way we think about uniform pants.  The FlexRS Covert Tactical Pants are what I wish I had back in the early 90’s when I started as a police

Wal-Mart Nanny State Madness  In a move announced today the nations leading retailer Bentonville, Arkansas based Wal-Mart announced it will stop selling handgun ammunition immediately. The chain has been slowing stepping back from it’s support of the 2ndamendment in the last

Qore Performance IcePlates have changed the game for shooters working in extreme temperatures.  Qore's vision is to harness the power of water and realize its full potential. Pushing the limits of water bottle design, the new IcePlate Curve furthers their

Visit your local retailer to take advantage of the huge savings during the MONARCH Madness sales event! Enjoy instant savings of $100 off all the award-winning MONARCH HG binocular models as well as $50 instant savings on the MONARCH 7

In a world filled will recoil forces, the M-18k Recoil Buffers cut felt recoil in half. Andy Cozad set out to build a high performance non-hydraulic buffer which would be indestructible and would out perform the hydraulic models. Mission accomplished. The

Grovtec's new Sling Tail Buttstock Push Button Base Adapter offers a simple solution for using practical on an original M4-style stock. Simply pass the stamped-steel keeper through the stock and enjoy an easy push-button socket for quick installation or removal

MantisX uses gyroscope motion detectors, computer software, and apps to provide you with expert coaching. Through the magic of technology, that I have no way of explaining on my own, the device records and analyzes every shot you make on

Safety On, 10 Little Liberals, and The ABC’s of Guns are the answer to a problem I didn't fully realize I had. Love the 2nd Amendment?  Want to teach your children firearms safety at a young age? Love shooting?  Love starting

Wild About Shooting I'm pretty wild about shooting and I teach both NRA pistol and rifle shooting to civilians and law enforcement.  I was looking for a solution to having 3 or 4 bags to haul my pistols to the range.