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Nearly three months into 2021 with an anti 2nd Amendment President and Vice President we find that ammo is scarce and gun sales are soaring to new levels. The byproduct of this which we all see is prices skyrocket and

Mec-Gar also has the honor of being THE largest OEM supplier of firearm magazines in the industry with companies like Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Armscor/Rock Island Armory and Walther just to mention a few. I received 2 of the Mec-Gar

Get 60 rounds of freedom with the Schemisser S60 magazines for your AR

There is hardly a gun that is more polarizing yet captures the essence of being an American gun owner like the AR-15. In recent years thanks to the law of supply and demand they have dropped in price and nearly

KCI USA is a magazine manufacturing company that's been producing Glock, AR, and AK magazines for quite some time. They've also been doing it at a very affordable rate. While Glock, AR, and AK mags can seem like a dime

Recently I've been testing 100 round, and 50 round drums from KCI, and all has been working out well. To date, 200 rounds through the 100 rounder, and 100 through the 50. So far, the onlt "difficult" thing I've done

MagPump Magazine Loaders are the easiest way to load magazines. New to the lineup of products from MagPump is the MagPump Pro Series.  The MagPump pro is capable of handling large capacity, high-frequency magazine loading for 9mm and AR-15 magazines. The two

The StripLULA is a 10 round 5.56/.223 magazine loader.  It weigh’s in at a mere 1.5 oz, has a universal fit, and is military grade. The StripLULA is small (pocket-sized) and lightweight.  It is tough and durable; made of glass-filled,

There is no such "Extra Ammo" SnagMag knows that no survivor of a gunfight has come out of the life or death situation thinking, “I wish I hadn’t carried that extra ammunition on me.”  Is there such a thing as “extra”

A Pistol Caliber Carbine Pistol caliber carbines are fun to shoot and have a very legitimate place in the role of self-defense. Recently I got to get my hands on the CMMG Resolute 300 MkGs 40 S&W carbine.  CMMG built this