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When it comes to customizing many knife owners want to do it but they don't want to spend huge amount of money on parts. So is there a practical affordable way to customize your knife collection ? For the answer

NEW HAPPENINGS  We are happy to announced that we found a YouTuber whose knife reviews are so clean, simple and honest that we reached out to him and asked if we could republish them here on the site. There are people

GERBER Empower series automatic knives. The Empower automatic knife has a quick, confident grip that opens with a snappy aggressiveness that reassures the user that is ready when you need it.The Empower knives are Made in the USA from components that are

The Multi-Tool of Pens Blue Shield Tactical Systems LLC has a great product at an affordable price called the Blue Shield Tactical Pen.  The Blue Shield Tactical Pen is the multi-tool of pens with an ink pen, stylus, strike point, knife,

Escape, Defend Yourself or Write a Grocery List You can't predict when things are going to take a change for the worse and you need a tool or a weapon. The guys at Gerber went to people that deal with bad

Gerber Short Stack Multi-Tool for AR's I love getting packages in the mail, especially ones from companies like GERBER containing the Gerber Short Stack Multi-Tool. Gerber is an American company based in Portland, Oregon.  All Gerber products are designed and engineered in

Ready When You Need It Knives are useful tools.  Often when you need a knife, one of your hands is already occupied.  Auto knives and assisted opening knives are great.  When you’re done with the knife, closing it safely, while your

A Testimony in Customer Service Gerber Gear’s Propel Auto Knife is another offering of field-proven performance that allows for one-handed blade deployment with a quality, durable, thin design that is comfortable in the hand and in the pocket. When I set out

I was recently organizing a toolbox just for the tools I use to work on guns. I have tools that help me with simple maintenance, parts swaps, upgrades, and tools to even help me use the weapon. This got me

KeyBar is a multi-tool key organizer that stops the noise and organizes the clutter.  My interpretation of the KeyBar is a Swiss Army knife for your keys (and so much more.) SHOT Show 2019 featured a one day event for vendors