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Work Sharp Sharpeners brings new life to the tried and true whetstone knife sharpener releasing their own version of the tool with modern advances

Gerber is a name that is almost instantly recognized to almost anyone in the United States who has spent time in the military or tried their hand at outdoor adventures. It's a name I've trusted since 1993 when I

In 2020 some people overlook the need for a strong, well made fixed blade knife. You know who values a dependable well built fixed blade knife ? anyone who hunts, camps, or just enjoys testing themselves in the outdoors. One

SHOT Show 2020 product preview with Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpeners. Work Sharp provides simplified solutions that will give you an edge. Watch this and see a small glimpse of what they offer and keep an eye

BOULDER CITY, Nevada – January 14, 2020 – After an eight-year absence, Fisher Space Pen Co. is back at this year’s SHOT Show at the Pop-Up Preview on January 22 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. The company is also making

Work Sharp’s Micro Sharpener features T6, T8, and T10 Torx bits, allowing for easy maintenance of your knives. The Micro Sharpener comes with medium-grit diamond and fine-grit ceramic sharpening surfaces.

Blake here with a couple of great products from W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., a company that builds knives with integrity for people of integrity! Pictured here are two knives from their fillet line and one of their signature Hobo

When it comes to customizing many knife owners want to do it but they don't want to spend huge amount of money on parts. So is there a practical affordable way to customize your knife collection ? For the answer

NEW HAPPENINGS  We are happy to announced that we found a YouTuber whose knife reviews are so clean, simple and honest that we reached out to him and asked if we could republish them here on the site. There are people

GERBER Empower series automatic knives. The Empower automatic knife has a quick, confident grip that opens with a snappy aggressiveness that reassures the user that is ready when you need it.The Empower knives are Made in the USA from components that are