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Blaser USA is pleased to introduce the new R8 Ultimate bolt-action rifle. This latest addition to the Blaser R8 line is available in two options: R8 Ultimate and R8 Ultimate Leather. Both feature an ergonomic synthetic thumbhole stock that ensures

A Big Heavy Round CMMG Inc, of  Boonville, MO, USA has created a thumper that is fun to shoot and packs a punch. The MkW-15 Resolute shoots a big heavy round.  We tested it with a variety of ammunition including the PolyCase

(McLean, VA – March 28, 2019) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that South Carolina Department of Public Safety has selected the FN 15 Patrol Carbine to meet the requirements of their Highway Patrol, State Transport and Protective Services

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – March 27, 2019 – Savage’s new Model 64 Takedown offers great performance and ease of use. The new rimfire rifle is quick to breakdown and ready to go. Shipments of these firearms have been delivered to dealers. This

A Pistol Caliber Carbine Pistol caliber carbines are fun to shoot and have a very legitimate place in the role of self-defense. Recently I got to get my hands on the CMMG Resolute 300 MkGs 40 S&W carbine.  CMMG built this

The SLR106-F series is a Bulgarian made, stamped receiver, AK pattern rifle in a 5.56x45mm. It has a removable AK74 style muzzle break with a left-side folding Warsaw Pact Length buttstock with a trap door for the cleaning kit. This

The guys at Lee Armory know AKs. They run a manufacturing operation and have all the jigs fitting and parts for building AK rifles. They also have a cadre of gunsmiths who know and love the Kalashnikov design in all

Lee Armory and Legendary AKM Manufacture M+M Industries (M10X Rifles) have teamed up to provide a cost effective AK Style Rifle. the Romanian Military Classic AKM is manufactured from current Forged Military Production Parts. Each rifle contains hand pressed Russian Spec Rivets and

Mauser’s award-winning Mauser 18 bolt-action rifle is now available in a 6.5 PRC chambering with prices starting at $699. Recognized for its accuracy and ruggedness at an exceptional price point, this popular hunting rifle is among the first chambered for Hornady’s