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With hunting season underway across the country, an increasing number of AR-15 platforms are being used in the field. Modular, accurate and durable are attributes that make the AR-15 platform or Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) such a popular choice. In

With the expansion of concealed carry rights, just about everyone involved in the shooting sports is looking for self-defense ammunition. G2 Research specializes in self-defense ammo designed to stay inside the target and to release all of its energy greatly

Contrary to the impression you might have gotten from reading various articles and social media posts, being a long-range shooter doesn’t have to cost you half a year’s salary. Sure, you can spend well over $10,000 for a custom shooting

Watching You Tube for flaws has became a prety big deal for me. My rationale for doing this is because I get paid to educate people in regard to firearms. I go to schools to get formal education to carry

SIG SAUER's newest offering in their line of award-winning ammunition is the Elite Hunter. This tipped ammunition gives the serious sportsman unmatched long-range accuracy, combined with devastating on-target performance in the field. Designed for massive expansion and deep penetration, Elite Hunter

I'm way behind the majority of you people out there, technologically. We recently "upgraded" our entertainment devices at home, and now I can watch You Tube videos whenever I wish. This is a bad thing. In days gone by, these

MagPump Magazine Loaders are the easiest way to load magazines. New to the lineup of products from MagPump is the MagPump Pro Series.  The MagPump pro is capable of handling large capacity, high-frequency magazine loading for 9mm and AR-15 magazines. The two

The StripLULA is a 10 round 5.56/.223 magazine loader.  It weigh’s in at a mere 1.5 oz, has a universal fit, and is military grade. The StripLULA is small (pocket-sized) and lightweight.  It is tough and durable; made of glass-filled,

SIG SAUER has added a new 30-06 Springfield round to its Elite Match ammunition line.   Featuring a 175gr Sierra MatchKing® bullet, the SIG SAUER 30-06 Win Open Tip Match (OTM) round has a muzzle velocity of 2,700 fps with a

With several states placing restrictions on ammo purchases and other states considering, more shooters are turning to reloading.  Reloading is fun and safe, but you have to start with the correct procedures and data. Lyman handbooks have the latest data