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In a world filled with flash lights, Blackfire's 300-Lumen Waterproof Clamplight is something completely different. A shape shifter, Clamplight transforms from a regular flashlight to swivel head multi-mount work light with adjustable brightness. All for an affordable MSRP of $29.99 As

The MeoPro Optika LR high-performance binoculars have HD fluoride glass and the premium European optics that has made Meopta famous for 80 years.  They also have a new trick, a laser range that can quickly measure distance out to over

screw length matters and go easy on the lube when you are installing a red dot sight on a pistol.

Is your Glock pistol boring and plain or remodeled but messed up? If you said yes to either of these questions, check out how to make your Glock mo betta!

Meopta is pleased to introduce MeoStar B1 Plus binoculars in 8x32 HD, 8x42 HD, 8x56 HD, 10x42 HD, 12x50 HD, and 15x56 HD models.   The B1 Plus is the latest iteration of Meopta’s top binocular line and integrates numerous new

Blaser Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Liemke Thermal Optics.  Headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, Liemke is the dominant thermal imaging brand in Germany trusted for its performance, reliability, and outstanding customer service. Delivering high-definition images with fast refresh rates for

A few weeks ago we featured out new affordable Ruger Mk IV 22/45 Lite pistol which featured a prominent rail on top just begging for optics. Well as it happens that our friends at Holosun have in the past year

Red dot sights on pistols, also called micro red dots or micro red dot sights (MDRS), are all the rage right now for defensive use after proving their effectiveness in the shooting sports for the last several years. They are almost

Brian Nelson covers why you may be slower with your handgun mounted red dot than you could be. If you are used to seeing your red dot thru a more stable carbine or rifle platform, you may be waiting it

It is common for people new to pistol optics to want to use their iron sights to find the dot of their optic. That short cut is often a hindrance to properly learning to use the dot Optic as the primary sighting