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Training and Self Defense

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I get into frequent discussions with shooters and instructors on the merits of sighted shooting vs. point shooting. Now, to be clear, I teach that there’s a time for both and teach a blended approach that lets shooters seamlessly and effortlessly

I’m going to share several real life examples where good guys armed with pistols stopped bad guys armed with rifles and talk about some of the realities of pistol vs. rifle fighting and 5 little-known facts about engaging bad guys

What is the best way to simulate “Stress Shooting”? It’s an important question, and one that most people get wrong. When most people think of stress shooting, they think of trying to shoot in high stress shooting conditions that are usually overwhelming. 

One of the more common questions that I get is about when it’s legal or appropriate to draw a firearm. The short answer is, it depends 🙂 But today, I’m going to share the AEIO of when you can draw your gun… Part of

In strength and conditioning programs for professional athletes, there's a concept known as "training for the scoreboard." What it means is that strength training should make athletes better at their sport, not distract them from it. The key is doing strength training

Negligent discharges are no joke. With a shotgun, things get real very quickly. Everybody hates the rules, especially safety rules. Cool firearms instructors post videos on YouTube breaking the rules. Sometimes, you can bend the rules and get away with

A good grip on the gun matters!  Practical shooting and marksmanship have similarities and marksmanship is a very important skill that you should have as you build yourself towards practical shooting. Marksmanship in the traditional sense requires the shooter to execute

The Firearms Academy of Seattle (FAS) takes the shotgun seriously. Their eight hour Defensive Shotgun course dispels the myths and provides the correct knowledge and skills necessary to use the shotgun for self-defense or law enforcement duty. It is a

The EFLX™ is EOTECH’s first reflex optic. EOTEC is a master in the field and the EFLX looks like a winner. Rugged, high tech and a $389 MSRP? Sign me up Designed for pistol use, the base is configured to the Leupold®

Following are some items learned from years of wearing body armor professionally. We've all got different needs and armor might be unnecessary for you, completely. Fair enough. The term "bulletproof " has no place in our lexicon. Prior to