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Training and Self Defense

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Farnam’s Defensive Urban Rifle (DUR) course is designed to give students practical skills for an urban survival situation. Close quarters shooting, movement, support side shooting, target discrimination and hasty shooting positions were all covered in detail. DUR is designed for students

I recently taught a class called “Qual Like A Boss” 🙂 at the A Girl and A Gun National Conference and it was an AWESOME class to teach. I was fortunate to learn a lot of lessons on how to perform

There are only two things you must do to hit a target. Align the barrel and pull the trigger without moving the barrel. With the DryFireMag, you can practice the kind of trigger press that builds correct neural pathways. Trigger

There is a myth in shooting that people have been “pointing since they were babies” so they can point a gun and hit what they want to hit. The two statements “people have been pointing since babies” and “people can point

We Have a Problem Yes, my thoughts and prayers are with and for the good people of Uvalde, TX today.  My thoughts and prayers are also for the good people of America. Please hear me though, we do not have a gun

Virtual-Shot is a dry fire training system that turns your phone into a portable shooting range when attached to any real rifle, AirSoft rifle or GelBlaster. Featuring real world ballistics and arcade style games it is perfect for any double

A couple of things caused me to do this video… The number of people who have told me that they never do dry fire practice wearing the same winter clothes that they wear out of the house. The difficulties that

A New Approach My firearms experience was always centered around Hunting Safely and Ethically. The ethical portion focused on becoming an excellent marksman, so I would always kill the animal swiftly. Included in my endeavors was learning how to hold the firearm,

What an insulting story headline When you select a pistol, there are many things you should consider, your gender is not one of those considerations! I’ve seen this headline or ones similar repeatedly over the years.  I’ve heard the statement made while

Want to improve your aim and get real-time feedback on dry fire practice with your firearm while you save thousand$ on ammunition? The Mantis Laser Academy can do all of this, right in your living room. I have been using the