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Training and Self Defense

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The only constant is change, but not all of it is good. I accidentally managed to generate some tips about red dots the last time , and hope to produce something of worth for you again, Dear Reader.I've got an

The SIRT is a useful training tool to augment live fire training exercises. The resetting trigger allows the user to "fire" the gun without having to action the slide and the shot indicating lasers provide immediate feedback for shot accuracy. SIRT

If we have no choice but to engage someone in conflict, we need to scan when said conflict is over. Scanning completely around ourselves helps us begin a (hopefully) rapid return to normalcy, post traumatic event. Again, we need to

The Multi-Tool of Pens Blue Shield Tactical Systems LLC has a great product at an affordable price called the Blue Shield Tactical Pen.  The Blue Shield Tactical Pen is the multi-tool of pens with an ink pen, stylus, strike point, knife,

Escape, Defend Yourself or Write a Grocery List You can't predict when things are going to take a change for the worse and you need a tool or a weapon. The guys at Gerber went to people that deal with bad

Shoot with a Purpose When training with a pistol or a rifle on your own it’s easy to lose focus and waste ammunition by “just shooting.”  Have a plan and train with a purpose by using targets with a built-in lesson

The M&P 22 Compact by Smith & Wesson is the perfect tool for teaching new shooters. The price is right, ammunition is cheap and the low recoil of a .22 caliber firearm makes it the perfect teaching tool. The M&P

No Coach Available? Often, we shoot on our own without outside input or supervision. How can we maximize our training time and expenses by dialing ourselves in? Distance. Not only is distance our friend in a gun-fight but it can be

And other uninformed questions Every year across the U.S. this question gets asked.  Sometimes those asking the question sincerely don’t know and want to understand.  Other times it gets asked in a critical opinionated way, almost always made out of ignorance

Lots of Excuses Available Only one lung left due to the ravaging of cancer but still he finds a way to have breath-control.  Terrible medications due to kidney failure that cause him to shake and have an increased level of natural