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NLEFIA's new Remedial Training & Coaching Specialist class takes current Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors to a new level of skill in coaching struggling shooters in critical marksmanship and practical shooting skills. Coaching new shooters and keeping serving officers sharp is

by Kevin Michalowski If you are taking the way you grip your pistol for granted, your shooting will suffer. If your shooting suffers at the wrong time, the rest of you will suffer. A proper grip gives you the best possible control

What really is a reflex sight?  What are the differences between a red dot, holographic, and reflex sight?  We tend to use these terms interchangeably, however there are specific differences and one may not truly be the other.  It is

Three of the biggest challenges for dry fire training are safety, setup time, and having to rack the slide between reps. Two of the biggest questions shooters have is how fast to run the trigger and how tight to grip. And one of the biggest problems

One of the most common questions I get about dry fire is whether or not it will hurt the pistol. It can. Firing pins can elongate on hammer fired pistols. Striker pins can break off. And bolt faces can break with

We breathe 15,000-20,000 times per day and how we do it impacts mental clarity, stress levels, strength, energy at the end of the day, how we sleep, and more. It's automated

We just passed the 37th anniversary of the “FBI Miami Shootout.” One of the rounds fired stopped JUST short of the heart of one of the shooters…after this hit failed to stop the shooter, the shooter murdered 2 FBI agents. This incident

One of the most popular range drills is the “ball and dummy” drill. The way it typically works is that someone loads your magazine with mostly live rounds and one dummy round… With the expectation that, when you get to it, you’ll

I’m going to share several real life examples where good guys armed with pistols stopped bad guys armed with rifles and talk about some of the realities of pistol vs. rifle fighting and 5 little-known facts about engaging bad guys

I get into frequent discussions with shooters and instructors on the merits of sighted shooting vs. point shooting. Now, to be clear, I teach that there’s a time for both and teach a blended approach that lets shooters seamlessly and effortlessly