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Training and Self Defense

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Our favorite You Tuber, Tacticool Girlfriend has a new video showing some low round count drills for the pandemic apocalypse. Ammo is coming back, prices fall and availability improve each day. You should still consider efficient training. Ammo and range

Don't let the cost of ammunition keep you from training. Your shooting skills are like boiling water and must be continuously heated.

New Ammo is Cheap Insurance It's a simple thing to do but often neglected, especially in times like this where ammunition can be so darn hard to find. As expensive as ammunition is, it is still cheap insurance to ensure that the

In order to shoot more accurately you have to know, understand, and use some fundamentals of marksmanship.

You need to quit shooting your ammunition. Well, kind of. Get yourself a Mantis and a SIRT from NextLevel Training and hit the ground running.

PepperBall Mobile combines an LED flashlight and aiming laser with a powerful PepperBall launcher, designed to provide peace of mind and safety to consumers across the globe. The PepperBall Mobile is smaller and sleeker than the Company’s flagship PepperBall LifeLite

* Shooting alone pounds in bad habits. Shooting with peers for critiques makes you better. *50 well planned practice rounds are better than shooting 600 rounds without purpose. *Seek professional training whenever time and finances allow. Use various schools versus repetition at

Negligent discharges are no joke. With a shotgun, things get real very quickly. Everybody hates the rules, especially safety rules. Cool firearms instructors post videos on YouTube breaking the rules. Sometimes, you can bend the rules and get away with

sales are up and availability is down, don't delay, get a gun, ammunition, and training now.

Hi Shooters, This is a guide for novice shooters, not pros. Although reviewing the basics helps us all. When I think about my own training I end up thinking about a few things: skills, drills, justification, efficiency and gear. I think each