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Training and Self Defense

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sales are up and availability is down, don't delay, get a gun, ammunition, and training now.

Hi Shooters, This is a guide for novice shooters, not pros. Although reviewing the basics helps us all. When I think about my own training I end up thinking about a few things: skills, drills, justification, efficiency and gear. I think each

Hi Shooters, Scenarios are an effective tool for training. This is nothing more than creating walk through of a potential occurrence. There are no shortage of stories of soldiers, spies and others imagining possibilities of their missions and training for them.

Here are some ways you can guide your kids when it comes to firearms

By Mikey from Whether you’re training for self-defense, competing at a match, on the silhouette range or plinking with a .22 pistol, six fundamentals of handgun training apply. Fundamentals are the core of developing repeatable and reliable marksmanship. These are the six

by Steven Horsky First thanks for reading what will be the first chapter in an in-depth review of the MantisX system. I purchased the MantisX X10 on July 3rd, 2020 after reading several reviews and in depth review of their website. Their

I see this almost every time I go to a range during public hours… The debate of how far out to put the target. Put it too close and it doesn’t look very “cool.” Put it too far and it would be embarrassing

Red dot sights on pistols, also called micro red dots, are all the rage right now for defensive use after proving their effectiveness in the shooting sports for the last several years. They are almost as big of a game-changer on

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about the AR-15.  To be fair, they get this misconception honestly. They’re repeated ad nauseam at gun ranges, in articles, blogs, forums, videos, and even on TV

Army Training Circular, TC 3-22.9 Rifles and Carbines is chock full of military vitamins and useful information on the M-4 Carbines, written for an 18 year old with a GED so it is simply written with pictures suitable for coloring.