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Training and Self Defense

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Today, we’re going to talk about one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about the AR-15.  To be fair, they get this misconception honestly. They’re repeated ad nauseam at gun ranges, in articles, blogs, forums, videos, and even on TV

Army Training Circular, TC 3-22.9 Rifles and Carbines is chock full of military vitamins and useful information on the M-4 Carbines, written for an 18 year old with a GED so it is simply written with pictures suitable for coloring.  

One of the most popular range drills is the “ball and dummy” drill. The way it typically works is that someone loads your magazine with mostly live rounds and one dummy round… With the expectation that, when you get to it, you’ll

Find a reputable trainer for your tactical firearms training, don't take your advice from a politician.

by Mathew Umstead One or two? That is the question. There are many ideologies and theories when it comes to proper fundamentals and being an effective shooter. When it comes to instructing I break it down into three categories: new shooters, novice,

There are a lot of theories on the best stance for self-defense shooting

If you're stuck at home during the pandemic or just want to be a better shooter, you need the Smart Firearms Training Device training pistol paired with the Mantis X10 Elite.

Most people are interested in where they come from. There is a human desire to identify your people and learn their customs and tales. For some, it is as easy as talking to their grandparents. Many of us never had

Whether you want to become more adept with a handgun, an air pistol, a rimfire rifle, air rifle, smallbore, high-power rifle, tactical rifle or shotgun—just about any class of firearm you want, really—this guidebook details all the steps to get

Colion Noir posted a great video of raw footage of Collin from the Sig Sauer Training Academy teaching a great handgun red dot speed drill. This drill focuses on applying appropriate levels of marksmanship at various ranges.