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Concealed Carry

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Like many, the revolution of compact carry guns has not been lost on me. I own a surprising number of these little guns and appreciate them in certain circumstances. However, whenever I possibly can I prefer a full sized handgun

Glocks newest 9mm wonder is the 48, perfect for concealed carry. Similar in size tothe Glock 19 but with less width of the pistol is reduced for increased concealability. All the performance of a Glock in a narrow, low profile,

A Holster that Fits Comfortably Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB (Inside the Waistband) Holster is a holster that fits over 500 different pistols, comfortably. I’m a little more "girthy" than I wish I was.  Inside the waistband or IWB holsters

There is no such "Extra Ammo" SnagMag knows that no survivor of a gunfight has come out of the life or death situation thinking, “I wish I hadn’t carried that extra ammunition on me.”  Is there such a thing as “extra”

I used to love watching GI Joe cartoons. If you don’t remember or don’t know, they’d have little public service announcements like, “if some sketchy dude pulls up next to you in a van with the windows blacked out and asks

Zero9 Holsters offer kydex solutions that work for the law enforcement and concealed carry communities. Zero9 Holsters is a Cleveland, Ohio based custom Kydex manufacturing company. Is it time for your Duty Gear to Evolve? When I started working in law enforcement

SHOT Show 2019 has helped me find a holster solution for the ladies in my life, Dene Adams a company making holsters for the ladies. Holsters for Women, Founded on a Legacy Founded on the legacy of Anna's grandfather, Dene Adams supplies

Wandering the vast expanse of SHOT Show 2019 range day I found an unexpected treasure; the Mossberg MC1SC Sub-Compact 9mm pistol. Did you know Mossberg made pistols?  I didn't know that Mossberg made pistols. The fit and feel of the hand, even

Streamlight's new ProTac 90 is a 300 lumen, right angle tactical light with multi-fuel technology. The big news here is that you can use CR123 Lithium batteries for performance or AA Lithium or AA Alkaline when availability of cost is