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Welcome the Mantis Blackbeard X Training Tool to Solve the Problems

MANTIS is a company that I’ve had the privilege to work with a few times over the years and each time they put out a product I’m amazed with what they come up with.  The products they produce seem so complex (and they are) but the ability to use them and interact with them somehow remains simple.  They have a great gee-wiz factor and I swear they run on FM powers (Freaking Magic). This device, the Mantis Blackbeard X, was teased at SHOT Show 2022 and I finally got my hands on one.

When talking about Mantis in the past I’ve correctly pointed out that their products aren’t intended to replace a competent firearms instructor but instead supplement a firearms training with technology.  To be fair though, these devices kind of do serve as a firearms instructor for some functions of the learning process and can be great at keeping you from doing some things wrong by showing you data that focuses your training and finds weaknesses that even the most experienced shooter might be missing.

The Blackbeard X from Mantis is an excellent addition to the classroom setting.

The Blackbeard without the MantisX technology is a great tool on its own.  The Blackbeard magazine and bolt is a drop-in kit of bolt carrier group and magazine that works together with your EXISTING trigger that gives you the same weight, break, and reset.  I’ve been using my Blackbeard for a while now for my own training time and while teaching group courses including advanced LE training, especially when teaching new skills with the rifle.

Using the Blackbeard allows you to safely work on new skills, practice the correct hold-over for point of aim/point of impact repetitions (which I found very valuable for myself while getting used to a LPVO RITON 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch optic newly installed), do failure drills, target transitions, and so much more.  The trigger works very quickly with the shooter, allowing as much as 10 dry practice shots per second!  All these features are awesome, but it was missing that component that we’ve come to know and love for pistols which was the data.  The data from MantisX systems that gives you knowledge of what you’re missing (literally and figuratively!)

No fancy targets are needed, get creative.  This drill was easily accomplished during a break at work with some bright colored sticky notes.      

The Mantis Blackbeard X training tool does so much more than just save you money and allow you to train without being at the range.  It can help you like having a private training session with a phenomenal trainer.  It prevents you from making the wrong movements repeatedly, engraining them to the point of having so much more work ahead of you to unlearn and learn correctly.

The Blackbeard X has all the features of the previous Blackbeard but now it’s “Smart” with the addition of the FM gee-wiz of its big brother the MantisX.  Quickly remove your charging handle and bolt carrier group from your AR platform rifle, insert the Blackbeard X BCG and charging handle combo unit, close up the rifle and insert a charged (the magazine is also the power bank) Blackbeard X 30-round-sized magazine into the rifle and you’re installed.

With everything powered up, open the app on your smart phone or tablet and connect via Bluetooth.  It’s really that easy to get this thing going.  With everything loaded up and going, you can use targets or don’t use any targets at all.  Pick a drill and follow the on-screen promptings for what to do.

Once you’ve started training, the data collected from the drill gives you three dimensions of knowledge; Delay Score, Over Travel Score, and Transition Score.  The Delay Score factors in how long you were on your target before you took the shot.  If you were in the target zone and it was good enough to hit, The system recognizes this data and tells you where you’re loosing that time!  On the Over Travel Score, it measures the data from moving from target to target and if you are pushing past the target instead of “putting on the brakes” in time to stop, again finding the most efficient way to get you hits on target.  The Transition Score looks at the most efficient path between two targets which of course is straight lines.  Does your technique allow for that and are you using it? Mantis Blackbeard X measures that for you!

The Mantis Blackbeard X recognizes what is weak in your shooting skills and allows you to target your work!


So, you already bought the Blackbeard and here they went and released the next latest and greatest model….. they were thinking of you too.  There is a purchase option to buy just the new magazine with the new X training tool and use your existing BCG.  You also have an option to trade your old unit in to Mantis and upgrade to the new one!

The Blackbeard X works with both direct impingement and piston driven AR-15’s but for some reason isn’t compatible with Fostech Echo 2 and isn’t compatible with Springfield SAINT Victor Rifles.

Mantis Firearms Training Systems are high quality and pushing the edge of what was thought possible, things that haven’t been available before are now available and at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

The Blackbeard X (MT-6002) MSRP’s at $319.00 and has free shipping.  There are other configurations available.

End-user or a firearms instructor, this device has a place in your training – a valuable place, you can buy it HERE.

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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