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New Auto-Feed Trap Packs Big Capabilities into Lightweight, Portable Thrower VERLAND PARK, Kan. – October 23, 2023 – Champion® Traps & Targets, makers of interactive and challenging target systems and trusted eye and ear protection, announces the availability of the new Wheelybird 3.0 Auto-Feed Trap.

I do a lot of shooting and use a lot of targets. Infinity Targets have some very unique qualities that make them perfect for most of my shooting and classes. Made in America, Infinity targets are safe, easy to mount,

[FORT WORTH, TX — January 18, 2022] — Firebird USA, manufacturer of 50BIO Detonating Targets, today announced the next generation of the wildly popular Firebird Detonating Target, the Firebird® 65BIO. The newly designed biodegradable casing is 30% larger providing a

Want a little more excitement in your range time? Turn to Firebird Targets to add the exhilarations back to your training time. Add the thrill back to your range time HERE. I'm sorry to tell you that Firebird Targets

Bring back the FUNdamentals of shooting with Firebird Targets USA and the biodegradable 50BIO

The MOJO RIOT 3-D target is lightweight and durable. I was able to easily binder clip their target to my 1"x 2" uprights on my Hatpoint Target Stand and quickly get to work. My first day of

The Challenge Targets' Texas Star is a moving, reactionary, and steel target that lets you train like you fight.  Real targets move, they aren’t just static pieces of paper waiting for us to score a great hit in the ten-ring! The

So Much Fun I could tell you all about how a Pyrotechnic target could be used to improve marksmanship, provide instant hit recognition, to be used in situational training, and blah blah blah…. But I really just want to tell you