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The New Best Glock Carbine Conversion Kit

The Meta Carbine Conversion Kit took an idea that others had tried and made it work.  The Meta Tactical APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit makes your pistol a bullpup style rifle.

Bullpup-Style Pistol-to-Rifle Conversion Kit

Set up is quick and easy to accomplish with the included barrel, muzzle break, and chassis.  Instead of risking the attention of 3-letter agencies with some of the other kits that are out on the market, Meta allows you to bypass the drama and place a 16” barrel into your pistol and then place the pistol into the chassis.

With the pistol in the chassis, you simply close it up, push the trigger pin in to place and extend the stock to your desired reach which extends to 26”.  This set-up with stock extension and 16” barrel length makes the APEX-Series fully complaint and legal in all 50 states.

On top of the chassis is a 35 slot Aluminum NATO picatinny Rail and on the sides up front you have M-Lok accessory system making it ready for your customization.

I added a set of pop-up sights to the chassis, installed the barrel into my Glock 19, put the muzzle break on and went to play with it on my range.

Here’s how you set it up.

First Impressions

Fun.  This thing is fun and it consumes my ammunition supply! I love shooting but plinking with this on the range at my reactive steel targets left me giggling and amazed at how much ammunition I had quickly consumed.  Make sure you give yourself an ammunition allowance or you’ll be wondering where all your hard-found ammunition went.

You’ll notice while watching this firearm be shot that the barrel tilts up and down.  This is perfectly normal and part of the function of a Glock barrel, the motion is just magnified when the barrel is 16 inches long!

The non-reciprocating charging handle is ambidextrous and makes it easy to manipulate your pistols slide.  The longer barrel made the 9mm rounds a little snappier and increased the accuracy of the gun.

While the trigger system utilizes your pistols trigger by just extending it, the trigger press seemed to feel improved because of the linkage.

If you’ve ever shot a bullpup style rifle, you’ll find that reloading and other manipulations are easy, and all the controls are right where they should be.

The whole kit seems intelligent and unique with the ability to customize it and make it your own.

My only complaint with the whole thing was that I wanted a riser for my cheek weld to the stock and I seemed to keep finding the same spot on the stock that liked to pull my beard hair!


I don’t know that I’ll be replacing any of my rifles with this and I’m not even saying that this is a better option than a dedicated pistol caliber carbine.  I am saying that this was a lot of fun to shoot, it is functional, and if I wasn’t a person that had multiple firearm options that this would be a great way to have a different platform without having to buy an additional gun.

I like that this is compliant with our current laws, even if I think most of our firearm’s laws are unnecessary.

Final Thoughts

If anyone is listening from META Tactical, give me the option to buy another barrel from you for my G23 so I can play with both guns in this same chassis.

Now to find a sling, a light, and a red dot sight for this… I can’t leave well enough alone!

Thinking about buying this for yourself?  Let me save you $50 by using coupon code “willapa” at checkout.  Just get it, it’s a blast.

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