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Stick to Your 1911 with TALON Grips

1911 grips can be anywhere from fancy to boring.  Most of the grips that are offered for 1911’s that increase traction make the grips too large for most hands or grab at your clothing when you are trying to conceal carry.  TALON Grips continues to stick around and fix problems with offerings for the 1911.

Careful not to over tighten the grip screws after adding the extra material behind the panel. Consider using some low or medium strength thread lock.

We’ve talking about TALON before and have had nothing but good to say about them.  A year or so ago we tried out the new PRO Grip and loved it, check that article out HERE

The TALON 1911 Modular Grip System is a four-piece modular system that includes a left side panel, right side panel, frontstrap, and a backstrap.  When these are applied together or individually, you can create your own custom grip preference on your favorite 1911.

lay it all out and get a good clean surface to start with. The grip system is modular. You can mix and match grip materials if you want.

I was worried about putting a “sticker” on my beautiful Kimber 1911 on top of my rose wood grip panels.  I took my time and applied the panels, lifting and placing them several times to get them just right and then set them with my heat gun.  I was thrilled with the results.  Not only did it look great but the texture and grip of the gun in my hands is amazingly better than before.  After the application of the heat gun to the grips, the Pro grip texture took on a whole new life and feel of the existing marks on my grips and conformed perfectly to the shapes. 

While all of the grip texture options are good, I am in love with the Pro version.  I’ve been running a set of the Pro’s on my Glock 34 for about a year or so now and have put at least 20,000 rounds down range since installation.  I’m just now starting to see a little thinning out of the Pro Grip material.  One of the corners was starting to lift so I took the heat gun back to it and it settled back down.  It not only provides a great grip on the gun, it protects the materials of the pistol itself like a wrap job on a car.

Get yourself a set, you’ll love them.  When you order, realize it is a four-piece kit and you need to add each piece individually to your cart.  Get creative and maybe mix and match the grip materials for where you plan to place them on the gun! Stick to your guns with Talon Grips.

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