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Women’s Empowerment and 2A Advocate: Lauren Hartnett

Women empowerment comes in many different forms. As a victim of domestic violence and an abusive relationship, I have learned what it means to be empowered and to have that feeling taken away. Shooting may mean more to some people than it does to others, but it may mean a lot more. I have learned that my right as an American citizen to be able to protect myself is the most important right I have. And no one will ever take that away.

I was interviewed by Pierre Gervois, reporter for Gervios News which is an online based news channel.

About the Author /

Lauren Hartnett is a gun-loving medic from NYC who has set her personal goal of changing the gun laws in her home state and city of New York. Educating and empowering women by teaching them the ways of the gun world has become her passion. She recently started Girls Got a Gun to help get out that information to as many women as possible. Aside from shooting and saving lives, doing anything else that can raise adrenaline pretty much sums her up.

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