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Challenge Targets’ Texas Star – because Bad Guys Move, So Should Your Targets:

The Challenge Targets’ Texas Star is a moving, reactionary, and steel target that lets you train like you fight.  Real targets move, they aren’t just static pieces of paper waiting for us to score a great hit in the ten-ring!

The list of excuses of why we don’t train on moving targets can run rampant; Lack of funding, scheduling, range limitations, safety, skill level, and more.   Civilians and law enforcement should both be training on moving targets, bad guys move – so should your targets in training.

I’m a fan of reactionary steel targets.  I love the portability of most steel targets, the ability for them to be used in inclement range conditions when traditional targets would be flapping around in the wind or melting in the rain, the instant feedback for the shooter that they’ve hit what they are aiming at, and the shooting for a response such as a plate going down.  Add to these benefits the aspect of having to shoot at a moving target that provides feedback to the shooter and you have something special.


Assembly of the Texas Star was relatively easy with basic and straight forward instructions.  My only critique of the packaging and instructions is that things would have been more easily and quickly assembled if the nuts and bolts were separately bagged and labeled like an IKEA piece of furniture and I wish the arms and plates were already painted like the rest of the components.

Once I moved the 150-pound steel target up to my range, the fun and learning immediately began.

The fundamentals of marksmanship still have to be applied with more advanced shooting; sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press, grip, stance, breathing…..all that stuff.  The biggest difference I found was the importance and reinforcement of the need to have good follow-through.  As the shot breaks, the shooter needs to continue to track the shot, reset, and then make a mental decision to move on to the next target or not.  I also found that new shooters would tend to snap the trigger at the point they thought the sights were perfectly aligned and in-turn slap the trigger.  Make sure you keep pressing the trigger throughout the sight alignment.

All the fun aspects of the Texas Star target aside, this type of product on the range for law enforcement isn’t just essential for skills training but to meet current case law of minimum standards!  Cases such as Zuchel vs. City and County of Denver, Colorado, Lundren vs. McDaniel, McLeod vs. City of Philadelphia, Watson vs. City of Los Angeles, Camacho vs. City of Cudahy, Tuttle vs. Oklahoma, Popow vs City of Margate, and many more have set minimum guidelines for firearms training including the need for it to be “realistic, valid, incorporate stress, decision making, attitude, knowledge, skill, shoot-don’t-shoot, moving targets, and low light or adverse lighting conditions.” They have also established that, “A municipality’s inadequate training may give rise to 42 U.S.C., section 1983 liability….”

When making a request for these types of targets to your funding sources, be sure to copy and paste some of the information from these case laws!  You can’t afford not to have these systems in place.

Even if you’re not in law enforcement, teaching yourself to engage a moving target is essential training that you should work your way up to.  You can be creative with targets such as the Texas Star from Challenge Targets and paint one of the plates as a don’t shoot target and also create scenarios around the target. Challenge Targets offers upgrades for the Texas Star that lets you add a second set of spinning plates and a counterweight starter.  You can spend much more money on portable running target systems or track runners too.  Start somewhere and challenge yourself.  I’m going to start with Challenge Targets.



  • PATENT PENDING design maximizes reliability and versatility
  • Rated for handguns, rifles and shotguns (buckshot)
  • Maximum velocity at the target = 3,000 fps
  • Maximum energy at the target = 1,300 ft/lbs
  • Minimum shooting distance (handguns = 10 yards / rifles = 100 yards)
  • Includes (5) 8″ diameter x 3/8″ thick AR500 paddles
  • Includes (5) AR500 x 3/8″ thick arms
  • Spring retention system makes resetting the target quick and easy
  • Commercial grade design suitable for high volume use
  • Target stands over 6′ tall when fully assembled
  • Heavy gauge cover protects pillow bearings from falling plates
  • Precision machined shaft is nickel chrome plated for weather resistance
  • Includes (2) industrial pillow bearings with grease fittings
  • 48″ diameter hub assembly fits in most truck beds and installs with a single bolt
  • AR500 components (Paddles & Arms) ship unpainted

You can get your very own Challenge Targets’ Texas Star  HERE

MSRP $675.00

Shipping weight 150 pounds

About Challenge Targets:

Challenge Targets LLC is a privately held company incorporated in 2009.  Our founder, Brad Brune
is a recreational shooter who recognized the need for more innovative and affordable shooting targets.

After two years of design, customer feedback, and rigorous testing, we introduced our first two Patent Pending designs in April of 2011.

Challenge Targets is now a trusted supplier for hundreds of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Our targets are currently being used for firearms training by every branch of the United States Military. We are an approved supplier of steel targets through the NRA Grant Program providing hundreds of clubs and ranges with equipment for their 501(c)(3) non-profit shooting programs.

Our durable, low cost, products provide unique training exercises desired by elite Law Enforcement agencies, yet are affordable enough for all shooting enthusiasts.

Challenge Targets is committed to producing better targets that result in a better shooting experience with priority standards in safety, durability and portability.  Check our store frequently for updates and new product offerings.

Now kick things up a notch and add a Firebird USA Target onto one of the steel plates of the Texas Star and be ready to giggle.

About the Author /

Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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