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[FORT WORTH, TX — January 18, 2022] — Firebird USA, manufacturer of 50BIO Detonating Targets, today announced the next generation of the wildly popular Firebird Detonating Target, the Firebird® 65BIO. The newly designed biodegradable casing is 30% larger providing a greater EXPLOSION for firearms, air rifles, and arrows. Forget about messy chemical mixing kits. Firebird requires no mixing and is legal to transport.

Following on the success of the Firebird 50BIO released at 2019 SHOT Show, the new Firebird 65BIO is a vast improvement of the original Firebird 65mm Target discontinued in 2018. While shooters and archers are not tasked with mixing nasty chemicals to enjoy the enormous blast of the 50BIO, Firebird USA continues improving. Remove a Firebird® 65BIO from the pack. No mixing needed, peel and stick for an EXTREME BLAST response without the need for clean up after a day of shooting. Unused targets must be stored like ammunition.

Customer feedback has always been important to us. When sporting clay shooters asked for a larger target, we listened. Our fans loved the enormous blast and appreciated the biodegradable aspect of 50BIO, but they wanted an easier target to shoot. Redesigning the 65mm to a biodegradable casing and minimizing lidding thickness allows maximum projectile penetration of a one-third larger target. These improvements optimize shotgun applications on sporting clays and provide unforgettable EXPLODING FUN. 65BIO provides a vastly improved system for all high-power pellet guns, archery, rimfire and center fire systems.

Intense competition scenarios and marksmen will prefer the smaller Firebird® 50BIO, while the new Firebird® 65BIO appeals to a wide range of shooters. The new Firebird 65BIO offers a greater margin of error with more reliable detonation for low velocity projectiles. THE EXPLOSIVE BLAST REPORT OF THE LARGER 65BIO IS TRULY PHENOMENAL.

The new Firebird® 65BIO is expected to ship starting in January of 2022 and will be sold in packages of 10 for $19.95, case of 100 targets for $199.50. Good news for 50BIO fans, price of pack of 10 has been reduced to $16.95, case of 100 targets for $169.95

You can learn more about the safety of using Firebird Targets® and familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines and store locations by visiting

ABOUT FIREBIRD TARGETS: Firebird launched in 2010 in the United Kingdom as an exciting and revolutionary instant hit detonating target. Firebird remains the only legal detonating target of its kind in the world and was granted the European quality control CE Mark in 2015, representing the highest standards of manufacturing excellence required for sales throughout Europe. Firebird brought these standards to the US and is now exclusively manufactured in Fort Worth, TX. More than just an exploding target, Firebird instant-hit recognition targets play an important role in accuracy training for Law Enforcement, SWAT, Sniper and Special Forces throughout the world.


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