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Best Dry Fire! Dry Fire Cord Trigger Mod & Chamber Block (9, 40, 45, 10, 380!)

Three of the biggest challenges for dry fire training are safety, setup time, and having to rack the slide between reps.

Two of the biggest questions shooters have is how fast to run the trigger and how tight to grip.

And one of the biggest problems shooters have is low-left groups (for right handed shooters)

Now there’s an all-in-one patented solution to all of these problems called Dry Fire Cord.

Straight from North Idaho, Dry Fire Cord uses heavy-duty, reflective cord and a color-coded, quad-chamfered, anodized aircraft grade aluminum caliber specific chamber plug to make dry fire practice with your pistol safer and more effective than ever.

Dry Fire Cord will block your chamber to help prevent you from chambering a live round.

Dry Fire Cord gives you two visual indicators that the chamber is plugged.

Additionally, on all semi-auto pistols that we’ve tested, including Glock, M&P, XD, Sig, Kimber, H&K, CZ, Walther, & more, Dry Fire Cord will give you a resetting trigger for dry fire reps.

Removing The Click = Quicker Assessments & Improvement: When you press the trigger using Dry Fire Cord, there’s no click.  The trigger just goes back and forth through it’s entire range of motion.  This allows you to more accurately assess and improve how quickly you can run the trigger without disturbing sight alignment.

It makes Dry Fire Cord the ultimate diagnostic tool for shooting. 

No batteries to die,
no app to sync,
and the shot-calling skills that you build with Dry Fire Cord carry over 100% to live fire!

SEE exactly how firmly to grip!  A firm grip improves speed on multi-shot strings, but when you grip too firmly, your other fingers will try to join in when you’re pressing the trigger–throwing your shots to the left and low-left.  Dry Fire Cord will show you exactly how firmly you should be gripping the gun for maximum speed and accuracy.

FINALLY get the trigger control you need to fix low left groups!  Dry Fire Cord is the perfect solution for fixing low-left groups FAST.  It lets you focus on isolating trigger finger movement without the distraction of the click or bang.

Safer, more confident Dry Fire Training:  You still need to be responsible and follow all safety precautions when dry firing, but dry fire cord can help you be more confident that you won’t pick up a magazine with a live round and have a negligent discharge.

Rapid Setup and Removal:  Unlike training barrels, traditional barrel plugs, and resetting triggers, it only takes a couple of seconds to insert or remove dry fire cord.  You don’t have to disassemble it and the sharp edges of your chamber won’t scrape off shavings like what happens with some plastic dry fire devices.

Rapid Dry Fire Reps on YOUR Pistol Without Racking The Slide:  Racking the slide between reps during dry fire is a pain…and can create training scars.  With Dry Fire Cord, you can run the trigger as fast during dry fire as you do during live fire…and you’ll instantly be able to see how much your trigger press is throwing off your shot.  Want the click?  Simply tuck the tail into the magazine well and you can do traditional rack-and-click dry fire with the chamber still blocked and a visible indicator at the end of your muzzle.

Read Your Sights Better Than Ever:  When you’re working on sighted shooting, Dry Fire Cord will let you focus on reading your sights during the trigger press without the distraction of a bang, click, recoil, or trying to see where your laser hit.  This will help you avoid the “lookie-loo” training scar of trying to shift focus back and forth between your front sight and target each shot.

Gun Safe Identification:  When you have Dry Fire Cord in your pistol in your gun safe, you can instantly tell that there is no round chambered.  In addition, if you own multiple guns of different calibers from the same manufacturer, Dry Fire Cord will let you instantly identify the caliber of gun you want to grab.

Built rugged:  Dry Fire Cord went through more than 3 years of testing and 100 refinements to get to this rugged, simple, effective tool.  Every detail was thought out…from making them out of aluminum instead of plastic so that the plastic wouldn’t sluff off in your chamber, so the tolerances would be tighter, and so they’d work more reliably to the kind of cord to use to make them last the longest and be visible in your safe or gun bag in low-light conditions.

Dry Fire Cord was inspired by an instructor who showed me how to hold my slide out of battery with a piece of cardboard from an ammo box almost 20 years ago combined with a burning desire to create a safer snap cap alternative and a chamber block that actually worked and was quick & easy to use without having to disassemble the pistol.

For newer shooters, this is one more level of safety to prevent negligent discharges, to give them the confidence to dry fire more often, and help them learn to read their sights as early as possible.

For experienced shooters, now you can do dry fire training with your own gun that you weren’t able to do before without considerable cost & complexity.

Dry Fire Cord comes in 9, .40, and .45 and 9 also works in .380s.  .40 works in 10mm.

Dry Fire Cord sets are available as a multi-caliber pack of 9, .40 and .45 by clicking >HERE<

You can get 3x 9mm Dry Fire Cords >HERE< (also work in .380 & .357 Sig)

This week only, you can get 3x .40/10mm Dry Fire Cords >HERE<
This week only, you can get 3x .45ACP Dry Fire Cords >HERE<

Due to limitations of our checkout system, we don’t have a way to mix-n-match in a single order at this time.

About the Author /

Mike Ox is an avid defensive and competitive shooter who has co-created several firearms training products, including Dry Fire Training Cards, Dry Fire Fit, 21 Day Alpha Shooter, and See Faster, Shoot Faster. His brain based training focuses on accelerated learning techniques for shooting as well as controlling brain state and brain chemistry for optimal performance in extreme stress situations. Learn more about dynamic dry fire training for defense and competition at

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