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“Cheating” The Draw With The Pre-Aim

I have a ridiculously simple training tip that will help you make faster, more precise first shots from the holster without having to spend thousands on ammo and range fees.

You see, when you combine more efficient technique with more effective training methods, it doesn’t take as much time or money to achieve or maintain high level, life saving skills.

The first is a “Pre-Aiming” drill that you can do with a gun mounted laser or laser boresight is just one example of why our students and clients are able to get better results, with less effort, in less time than what’s possible with traditional training techniques:

“Cheating” The Draw With The Pre-Aim — Dry Fire Training Cards Blog

Pre-aiming helps integrate your proprioceptive, vestibular, and visual aiming systems throughout the draw stroke process and helps you develop a “cone of accuracy” where your expected level of accuracy gets better and better as you go from high compressed ready to full-extension.

When you combine this with shifting your visual focus to the point in space where your front sight is going to end up as soon as your muzzle leaves the holster, the effects are nothing short of incredible.

Until recently, I thought I was the only person to have figured out this incredible hack.

It turns out, LA Metro and LA SWAT adopted “pre-aiming” but just didn’t call it that…they found it to be incredibly effective at getting people up to speed faster.

The addition of the laser is pure gas on the fire, and the impact on first shot speed and accuracy has to be experienced to be appreciated.

This training shortcut comes from Draw Stroke Mastery, which is by far, the most powerful training available to put fast, accurate first hits on target with minimal practice time using cutting edge training techniques.

It’s the training system that allowed me to shoot the 5th fastest time in the world in the IDPA Classifier with a subcompact BUG gun…even though I spend less time practicing than most people spend waiting in line for coffee.

This right now, when you sign up for the training, you’ll get $898 in bonuses, including a FREE 9mm laser bullet

3 dry fire cords in 9, .40, and .45,

our “Dry Fire Recoil Simulator” tool and drills that will help you track your sights through recoil and manage recoil more effectively, and other valuable tools and drills that you won’t find in any class, book, or video.  Get yours now by clicking >HERE<

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Mike Ox is an avid defensive and competitive shooter who has co-created several firearms training products, including Dry Fire Training Cards, Dry Fire Fit, 21 Day Alpha Shooter, and See Faster, Shoot Faster. His brain based training focuses on accelerated learning techniques for shooting as well as controlling brain state and brain chemistry for optimal performance in extreme stress situations. Learn more about dynamic dry fire training for defense and competition at

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