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INFINITY TARGETS: Reusable, Reactive, Recycled

Infinity Targets are made recycled rubber, so they are safe at close quarters and self-healing. They come in a variety of sizes with hit zones molded in so you never lose them. Hits are easy to see and quickly reset with paint. 100% US made manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona from US recycled materials.

Infinity targets are reusable, so they replace sheds full of paper targets and cardboard backers. In an area with rain or high winds? Infinity targets are weatherproof and strong enough to face wind gusts with impunity. These targets can be left out in the weather on the range indefinitely. A local range in my area has had one up for two years through rain and snow and it still solders on.

Picture taken after the match, this target had over 1,000 AK hits and was still going strong. The other 100 targets held up just as well.

I just came back from Red Oktober, a giant AK event / rifle match. They used Infinity Targets this year and what a difference. Much faster than taping paper targets and when a wind storm came on Saturday that destroyed a stage building, the Infinity Targets were all standing tall.

I was very impressed by this. The match used steel targets to, but manufacturers say the safe distance for rifle steel is 100 yards. We were shooting rifles so close to some targets that paper would have been blow off and cardboard backer ripped up. Infinity targets took it all without splash back or ricochet. After scoring, a few paint spots covering the hits put them right back into action.

You can mount Infinity Targets with clamps, but for hard use, Red Oktober went with wood screws. After fourtoug days, a windstorm and a thousand rounds of AK, they were all still standing and PRO Gun Club is still shooting machineguns at them.

Infinity targets are reusable, so they replace sheds full of paper targets and cardboard backers. In an area with rain or high winds? Infinity targets are weatherproof and strong enough to face wind gusts with impunity. These targets can be left out in the weather on the range!



Infinity Targets come in a wide variety of sizes and can be made to order with custom hit zones.

The most popular is the Full-Size: 30″ x 18″ / C-Zone: 23.5″x12″ ; Head and Shoulders cut to USPSA dimensions, allowing the target to be mounted to any standard target stand with the included spring clamps, USPSA regulation hit zones etched into the target so there is no need to repaint or redraw zones.

Targets are ¾” thick allowing for easy storage and transport and weigh 11 pounds per full-size target and 6 lbs. per c-zone target. The weight makes the target weather and muzzle blast resistant, allowing you to shoot in any rainy/windy weather and as close to the target as you need!





Self-Healing properties: allowing the target to be used for thousands of rounds! (Median round count is ~3250 rounds depending on calibers, shot placement, etc.) Guaranteed up to 110 rounds of 5.56 per square inch.

Reactive Properties: As the targets are shot, the paint is worn away giving you an instant and exact location of your shot placement and can be immediately spray painted over to continue onto your next drill.

CQC Compatible: The weight and material allow the target to be shot at point blank range without fear of fragmentation or the target falling over. It is also strong enough to withstand blows from knives and striking weapons

Weatherproof: The targets are water resistant allowing you to shoot in rainy weather and leave targets on the range for those with home or private ranges. There is also no need to worry about wear and tear from training or transportation.

Quick Transitions: Quickly spray paint over the high visibility hits to cover them up. Save all the time it takes to replace or tape cardboard targets between drills or students.

High Visibility Hits: As the bullet passes through the target the paint is rubbed off, revealing the dark rubber and giving a highly visible and accurate hit marker

You can use the included clamps to mount your target or use an alternate method such as driving construction screws through the target into your posts or drill out a hole and string up with rope.

There are some limitations. They work with all calibers up to .45, but if you use shotgun shot/slugs or hollow point ammunition the targets cannot self-seal, the holes are just too big.

The standard IPSC full size target costs $99 and the smaller C-zone target costs $59. There are a variety of packages and targets available. If you don’t see what you want, go custom. These targets are great for training operations and shooters who do high volume training. Less reset time means more shooting. The savings over paper targets, cardboard backers and trash removal makes Infinity targets a huge bargain with a big gain in function.

I highly recommend Infinity Targets. I got the Assault bundle and use the for training and reviews. I work in a cold rainy climate and these are the best solution to my target problem I have found yet.

Infinity Defense manufactures and sells their own products with no middleman to drive up prices providing the best value possible and keeping products 100% made in the USA. Go to Infinity Targets and get yours now.

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Mark Miller is a former Customs Agent and a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. A student of firearms and shooting, he is an FFL and a SOT. The guiding philosophy of his life is that terrain and situation dictate tactics and the enemy always gets a vote on any plan.

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