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An Honest Coach, the MantisX

The most honest coach you can have is one that will be honest with you. The Mantis X10 Elite delivers! This simple device can attach to just about any of your shooting sports devices. The Mantis X10 Elite records thousands of data points a second giving you almost instantly non-biased data feedback during live-fire or dryfire drills. Never dryfire a bow regardless of the type recurve or compound. 

Mantis is a USA company based in Oswego, IL. All assembly, programming, and testing happen in the USA. Every product ships out of their Illinois-based offices. Their product includes the Mantis X systems, Mantis Laser Academy, Blackbeard, a variety of rail adapters, and several holsters for popular pistol models. 

Custom 3D printed Picatinny rail
Photo by: Matt Umstead

The numbers:

Manufacturer: Mantis

Model: X10 Elite

Dimensions: 1.3” x 1” x .75”

Weight: .49 oz


  • Recoil analysis
  • Holster Draw Analysis
  • Software support for; pistol, rifle, shotgun, and archery (additional app).

MSRP: $249.99

Manufactures website:

MantisX and case
Photo by: Matt Umstead

First Impressions:

The MantisX comes in a protective case that holds all the included items; the X10 comes with BR7 Barrel Mount Picatinny Rail for rifles and shotguns, a Universal MagRail adaptor, and a charging cable. The included case provides more than adequate protection for shipping and dropping into your range bag for easy transportation. In addition, all MantisX Shooting Performance Systems come with a two-year limited warranty. 

After on packaging the X10 Elite and its contents, I set up a custom 3D printed Picatinny rail onto my bow. While setting my bow up for my first shooting session, I had the X10 Elite charging. I downloaded the app through the app store on my IPad; after the app downloaded, connecting the X10 Elite with Bluetooth was simple and gave me no trouble. Although the range of connectivity is limited, I would often walk away from the IPad and lose connection several times. However, reconnecting the MantisX is extremely simple; only a couple of times I would forget and carry the bow down to the target and dropped single. It was a simple habit to correct while using the X10 Elite, which will accompany me during every shoot. 

shot trace
Image by: Matt Umstead

After looking at several mounting options, I landed on having a custom Picatinny rail to mount the MantisX under my quiver and vertical alignment with the riser. This mounting location allows me to leave the rail in place when I take the bow into the field for a hunt. My bow is a workhouse and gets exposed to the elements for extended periods, not only on hunts but even during practice sessions, whether rain or shine. I’m out getting in range time. The X10 elite has provided exceptional feedback improving my accessory and helping me extend my effective range with a bow. I have been using the Mantis X10 for archery. I have added 10 yards to my effective range.

Enough on me bragging on what it can do. Some actual data on how it can help improve your shot. The key to any shot is constantly repeating the same results every time. When it comes to archery, this is no different. The target does not matter moving or static the draw phase, shot phase, and follow-through are always the same. While I am practicing, I spend a different amount of time during the hold phase; during a hunt, you don’t always get a perfect shot right after the draw phase as you would during competitive archery. 

Pitch/cant tab
Image by: Matt Umstead

The app will show you specific movements through the whole shot process. It breaks it down to your draw/ set up, hold, aim, release, and follow-through. Each phase is broken down by color in the app; this allows you to overlay your shots to see how constant your complete shot is throughout the entire process. There is also a pitch/cant screen; perhaps the area I find most helpful on this screen shows the slightest pitch of your riser. Even the slights cant can move your arrow drastically from your point of aim to the point of impact; this difference only increases as your distance increases. Lastly, the app has a tab for shot placement; this is where you being honest with yourself will pay great dividends. By accurately recording your shot placement with each shot, it allows you to see how each phase of your shot affects the location of impact. 

Timer tab
Image by: Matt Umstead

Final thoughts:

The MantisX is probably one of the best additions to my training regimen. Placing the MantisX on my bow has given me increased confidence and help me increase my effective range in only a few sessions. There is a slight learning curve with translating the data to useful information. Still, once you understand what the specific data is telling you what you do, you can make the necessary corrections and evaluate the true constancy between each shot. I will get out a use all of the additional features of the MantisX has to offer. 

About the Author /

Matt Umstead is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran with 4 years active service as Military Police where he spent most of his time on a Special Reaction Team becoming proficient in special tactics and response. After his time with the Marine Corps, in 2007 he transitioned into law enforcement where he spent 8 years as a federal police officer. He now spends his days in Alaska as a lead firearms instructor teaching federal police officers, contractors, and military personnel on basic marksmanship and weapons tactics for various firearms ranging from 9mm pistol up to the .50 caliber machine gun. When not at work, he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking with his family

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