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Everything You’re NOT Supposed to Know About Suppressors

This great video from T-Rex Arms explains where the National Firearms Act came from and why it does what it does.

What firearm suppressors are, what they aren’t, why they are restricted in the US, and why they shouldn’t be.

Table of Contents:
Introduction – 0:01
Thompsons and Prohibition – 1:55
The 1934 NFA Bill – 4:07
The NFA Today – 12:49
New Restrictions – 14:54
Benefits of Suppressors – 23:49
The Real Threat – 27:36

1934 National Firearms Act Hearings:…

Actual Criminal Use of Suppressors:…

Transcript with Notes:…

HP Maxim’s Silencer patent was actually granted in 1909. I said 1916 because I was thinking about the Thompson…

Featured image courtesy of Mark Miller. This is a Nomad 9 frame with a GreyGhost slide, Lone Wolf Barrel and a GSL Stealth suppressor. Special thanks to KCI USA for magazines and SIG ammo.

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