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Don’t Let The Bad Guy Take Your Gun…3 Easy Tips

One of many gun owners’ biggest fears is that an attacker could take their gun and use it on them, their loved ones, or other people.

Here are 3 things you can do to keep that from happening, including a link to pictures and details.

First: When your gun is not in your possession, lock it up. I  have many fond memories of visiting my neighbors’ house growing up. They had a big gun cabinet with glass doors in their living room. I would always run up to it and gawk at the guns. That was fine 30-40 years ago, but it doesn’t work anymore.  If you only have one firearm, I suggest a quick-access safe. If you have multiple, I suggest a combination of quick access safes and a traditional combination safe…and pepper spray or a fire extinguisher right next to it. This can buy you enough time to get to your gun.

Second: If/when you carry, make sure it is concealed or in a retention holster. When a lot of people see a firearm being carried openly in a non-retention holster, they think, “There’s a gun if I need one. “When people carry openly, they negate one of the biggest advantages concealed carriers have…surprise. That being said, many people still prefer open carry. If you’re intending to carry openly…regardless of the reason, I strongly suggest using a holster with level 2 retention. Why a “level 2?”A level 2 holster has to be unlocked before you can remove the pistol from the holster. I wouldn’t suggest holsters where you release the pistol with your trigger finger, like the Serpa. I DO recommend holsters where you release the pistol with your thumb, like the Comp-Tac and Safariland.

Third: Train to fight with a gun…not just shoot paper with it. Paper targets won’t rip your pistol out of your hand…the bad guys will. You need simple, effective skills to be able to fight to your gun. To create the time and space that you need to get your gun into the fight and you need to practice them along with drawing and shooting. That’s not something you can really do with live fire. It’s too dangerous and most ranges won’t let you. But with this training, it’s very easy and safe to do at home with dry fire. For a lot of gun owners… 


A lot of people think they’ll punch an attacker in the face and then draw their gun. However, most of those people haven’t punched anyone hard in the face in the last decade…or three. That’s not a bad thing, but it DOES need you need smarter ways of striking attackers…smarter strikes AND smarter targets. Punching a determined attacker’s face with a closed fist probably isn’t going to end very well for you. I’ve got pictures and details here. Check it out, so you can learn how to avoid being held at gunpoint by your own gun. 

“Don’t just train hard. Train smarter than the other guy!” 

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Mike Ox is an avid defensive and competitive shooter who has co-created several firearms training products, including Dry Fire Training Cards, Dry Fire Fit, 21 Day Alpha Shooter, and See Faster, Shoot Faster. His brain based training focuses on accelerated learning techniques for shooting as well as controlling brain state and brain chemistry for optimal performance in extreme stress situations. Learn more about dynamic dry fire training for defense and competition at

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