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Your New PDW – The Micro Roni X Generation 4

A PDW is a Personal Defense Weapon. In military speak it’s a weapon that falls in between a rifle and a pistol and is often used by troops doing jobs outside of the front lines. The PDW concept isn’t new and has been around long enough to be in syndication on Stargate SG-1. PDWs are also a concept civilians can look into for self-protection, or even just for fun. There are numerous options out there and one of the more popular is the Roni kits. Specifically, the Micro Roni kits equipped with a stabilizer instead of a stock.

I got hands-on with the latest Micro Roni, known as the Micro Roni X Generation 4. As we mentioned above it’s equipped with a stabilizer, also commonly known as a brace. As we all know a pistol brace is not a stock and therefore sliding your Glock into this kit does not make it an SBR. The Micro Roni is designed to accommodate medium frame full size and compact Glocks like the Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, etc.

Installation of the Glock is very simple and can be done on the fly. By law, all you’ve done is take a big pistol and make a bigger pistol. However, you now have a much more capable weapon overall. You went from just a handgun to a full-on Personal Defense Weapon.

What’s the point of a PDW?

A PDW is easier to fire than a handgun. It can be used at longer ranges for more effective fire, and it is easier to control than a handgun when it comes to rapid fire scenarios. PDWs allow you to more easily mount optics, lights, and additional accessories. It will often feed from a longer magazine and sport improved ergonomics than allow quicker reloads and easier malfunction corrections.

PDWs can come in a variety of calibers, with pistol calibers being a popular choice. A civilian PDW is a kit that can be kept in a vehicle and locked away until needed. It excels in giving the user an advantage when times are hard and situations are growing dire. A PDW gives you something more than a handgun while not quite being a rifle or typical long gun.

Why the Micro Roni is an Excellent PDW option

For civilian applications, you can look at a lot of different guns for a PDW, but utilizing the Micro Roni X makes a lot of sense if you already own a Glock. If you own a Glock you already have a concealed carry gun. For less than half the price of the Glock, you can get a Micro Roni Stab and now have a PDW.

Additionally, any money you’ve already invested in your Glock platform is still being utilized. Got a better trigger? Good, you can still use it. The same goes for extended controls, enhanced ergonomics packages, as well as match grade barrels. It can all be used with the Micro Roni.

The Micro Roni is compact, and the brace does fold to shrink it even more. What’s great is if you carry your Glock every day you can leave the Micro Roni in your vehicle and not worry about losing a gun. If a thief steals your Roni it sucks, but at the end of the day, you haven’t armed a criminal.

The Micro Roni X also fulfills all the requirements of a PDW. It takes a pistol and makes it easier to shoot at longer ranges, easier to fire rapidly with, and easier to manipulate. Pack an extra stick mag with your gear and you’ll be ready to rock and roll. You can easily add red dots and lights as I have with mine.

It makes using the KCI 50 round drum magazine more practical as it is easier to balance the weapon with. KCI makes an awesome drum, as well as 33 round stick mag that are perfect for the RONI kit, and for your PDW needs. 33 rounds are great, but 50 rounds are much better.

My effective range on a man-sized target is well beyond that of a handgun. I can easily hit a man-sized target at 75 to 100 yards with my equipped red dot. I can likely do this without the Roni, but not nearly as fast as or as effectively as I can with my Glock inside a Micro Roni.

The Micro Roni Gen 4 STAB By The Numbers

The Micro Roni’s new Gen 4 STAB model has small some small changes since previous generations, but important ones. The first is the captive charging handle. In previous models, the charging handle that secured over the rear slide of your Glock could be removed. This could lead you to potentially losing the charging handle. Now it stays in place.


The new barrel shroud is adjustable and modular. It can be equipped with a compensator or a glass breaking flash suppressor. The brace is longer and designed to be more comfortable. The newest Micro Roni is also compatible with the Gen 5 models, as well as the 19X. It also supports both full size and compact model Glocks.

The front grip is also interchangeable and currently, only a mag holder is offered but does turn your Micro Roni into an AOW. There is more potential for the release of more attachments, but currently, only the mag holder is available.

The Micro Roni also features two accessory rails, one on each side. Along the top, we have a full-length scope rail with plenty of room for sights and optics. The body is made from a lightweight impact polymer that is plenty strong. It is backed with a 10-year warranty as well.

It also features a hinged safety device that prevents access to the trigger. This is important because unlike a standard handgun this system cannot be holstered. This prevents any of your gear from getting inside the trigger guard and causing an ND.

All around it’s well made, easy to use, and greatly extends the effective range of your firearm. It does not work with Compensated models, or model wearing suppressor height sights, and it is not compatible with 80% Lower Glocks from Polymer 80. You can get your own Micro Roni X Stabilizer Generation 4 at YRS Inc.


Also, note YRS Inc is the only authorized distributor of The Micro Roni and numerous fakes have become prevalent in the community. Fakes and gun parts are typically a bad, and unsafe combination so be on the lookout when purchasing these accessories.

About the Author /

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines and the Afghan National Army. Today, Travis serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes.

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