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Work Sharp Introduces the Whetstone Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Sharpeners brings new life to the tried and true whetstone knife sharpener releasing their own version of the tool with modern advances. 

Whetstone sharpening is a therapeutic process requiring patience and skill. The Work Sharp Whetstone is  built to help users learn and practice the ancient art to master the skill.  Work Sharp’s signature angle guides offer consistency with each stroke and the stone is secured in a water-controlled base keeping the workstation clean, allowing the user to focus on sharpening, not the mess.

The premium dual-grit sharpening stone offers 1000 grit and 6000 grit aluminum oxide synthetic abrasive. Use 1000 grit to sharpen and restore and edge, then 6000 to refine for a razor sharp result.Removable sharpening guides can be positioned to offer 15 or 17 degree angles for all types of kitchen knives and low angle outdoor knives.

A variety of angle guides are available through Work Sharp directly. The sharpening base provides a stable platform and water control basin for less mess and faster clean up. Anti-skid feet ensure a safe and stable process. Expect consistency, a cleaner work space, and a superior sharpening solution on the Work Sharp Whetstone. 

The Whetstone Knife Sharpener will be available online and in-store onJune 1, just in time for Father’s Day. 
Tips to Remember When Sharpening on a Whetstone: 
1. Soak the stone in water until there are no more bubbles. 
2. Create and maintain a slurry of stone particles and knife material in a small pool on top of the stone as you sharpen. Continuously add water to maintain the slurry. This mixture of abrasive particles helps remove material and sharpen the knife. 
3. Sharpen all the way to the tip of the knife – maintain contact with the knife and abrasive along the full length of the blade. 
See the Whetstone in action: 

For more information about Work Sharp products, visit or check it out now on Amazon!

About Work Sharp Outdoor
Work Sharp Outdoor is a division of Darex, a 4th-generation, family-owned business in Ashland, Oregon. Darex has produced industry-leading sharpening tools for more than 45 years. Work Sharp’s complete line of manual and power sharpeners are trusted by chefs, sportsmen, contractors, and craftsmen, worldwide; its longstanding reputation is built on exceptional products that make sharpening faster and easier than other systems in the market, without compromising performance. Today, Darex is over 100 co-workers strong and has sold over 5 million sharpeners.

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