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Giant Mouse GMF2 Fixed Blade: Ready for Adventure

In 2020 some people overlook the need for a strong, well made fixed blade knife. You know who values a dependable well built fixed blade knife ? anyone who hunts, camps, or just enjoys testing themselves in the outdoors. One day COVID-19 will be a distant, unpleasant memory and we can all head back to our favorite camping, hiking and outdoor recreation spots, and when we do a knife like our featured knife would be a perfect accessory for your adventures.

Who Is Giant Mouse ?

GiantMouse was the result of a combined Danish/American collaboration over a few drinks at 2015 knife show. What followed quickly was a line of folding knives as well as fixed blades like our spotlighted product the GiantMouse GMF2-FF. The entire line of both styles of knives blend amazing design work by Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes and top notch materials to create knives that are visually stunning but still rugged enough to follow you on any adventure you might want to go on. It’s a difficult balancing act between good looks and functionality but GiantMouse pulls it off perfectly on their entire line of knives.

Using the GMF2-FF to make kindling (Photo


Blade Steel:  Böhler M390 MICROCLEAN stainless steel.Satin finish. 
Handle:  Green Micarta.

Blade Length:  3.62″ (92mm)
Blade Thickness:  0.157″ (4mm)
Handle Length:  4.43″ (112.6mm)
Overall Length:  8.12″ (206mm)
Weight:  3.875 oz (109.85g) – without sheath 

Additional Information

  • Sheath and Knife made in Italy
  • MSRP: $185.00
Stainless Steel and Green Micarta Go Perfectly Together

More Features and Details

The GiantMouse GMF2-FF is made in Italy and each one features a hand made sheath of Italian leather custom fitted for this knife. If you pick up this knife you won’t have to worry about wobbly ill fitter sheaths or plastic ones that break under extreme cold. These knives and sheaths are designed to be used for a lifetime of work and recreation.

The use of micarta handles means these handles can handle almost any condition you can dream up and with a little water and a brush will clean up and be ready to go again. Micarta is resistant to solvents, grease and most caustic liquids, not that you might encounter them but it’s good to know what your knifes materials can handle.

Stainless Steel Sandwiched Between Micarta Panels

Camping or Every Day Carry, Giant Mouse Has a Knife for You

As we mentioned before this highlighted model the GMF2-FF is perfect camp knife for all your woodsman needs but if a Folder is more your style check out the links below to the GiantMouse ACE series. There are more than 20 different folding knives in the ACE series, each one with their own design, materials and personality.

If you are interested in fixed blades like the GMF2-FF, you might be interested to know that GiantMouse has a few other styles of fixed blades in their inventory. Knives like the GMF1, a small fixed utility blade and the much larger Ranae which sports a 5+” blade. That particular knife was designed for the elite Danish Frogmen “Conventus Ranae” and a portion of the sales of that particular knife go to support the current and former members of the Fromandskorpset.

If you want to know more about GiantMouse and their knives please visit the link below. We think that you can’t go wrong with these knives, in our opinion it is better to buy once, cry once and purchase quality the first time around rather than replace substandard equipment often.

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