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ASHLAND, Ore. (January 6, 2020) — Work Sharp Outdoor, the leading manufacturer of knife and tool sharpeners, launches the new ultra-compact Micro Sharpener. This sharpener is made for easy storage in the smallest of spaces, to sharpen your knives wherever you might find yourself.

Work Sharp’s Micro Sharpener features T6, T8, and T10 Torx bits, allowing for easy maintenance of your knives. The Micro Sharpener comes with medium-grit diamond and fine-grit ceramic sharpening surfaces.

The bit drivers can be used to tighten or loosen common knife hardware like pocket clips, frame fasteners, thumb studs and pivots. It accepts any ¼” driver bits.

Pro Tips:

  1. Sharpen on diamond rod until a burr is formed along the entire length of the cutting edge.
  2. Use only the ceramic hone for touching up a knife edge.
  3. Long knives may require multiple strokes in sections.
  4. Use light pressure when sharpening and honing.
  5. Serrations can be sharpened using the ceramic hone — lay the flat side of the serrations on the ceramic rod and use very light pressure to deburr. 

“The Micro Sharpener makes it possible to sharpen, hone and tune your daily carry knife, no matter where you might be,” said Kyle Crawford, Work Sharp Brand Manager. “Maintenance is the key to knife performance, whether you’re dealing with serrations, filet knives, pocket knives, or any cutting tools –Work Sharp is making sure that our customers can tackle any dull edge anywhere they go.”


  1. Fine ceramic rod
  2. Medium diamond rod
  3. T6, T8, T10 Bits
  4. Lanyard
  5. Bit Driver
  6. MSRP $9.95

For more information about Work Sharp Outdoor’s products, visit

 About Work Sharp Outdoor
Work Sharp Outdoor is a division of Darex, a 4th-generation, family-owned business in Ashland, Oregon. Darex has produced industry-leading sharpening tools for more than 45 years. Work Sharp’s complete line of manual and power sharpeners is trusted by hunters and craftsmen worldwide; its longstanding reputation is built on exceptional products that make sharpening faster and easier than other systems in the market, without compromising performance. Today, Darex is over 100 co-workers strong and has sold over 5 million sharpeners.

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