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Shooting with the Family? NRA’s Marksmanship Programs a Are Perfect!

Whether you want to become more adept with a handgun, an air pistol, a rimfire rifle, air rifle, smallbore, high-power rifle, tactical rifle or shotgun—just about any class of firearm you want, really—this guidebook details all the steps to get there. The goal is to advance one step at a time, from “Pro-Marksman” through a four-tiered advancement plan to “Distinguished Expert.”

If you are looking for a way to improve your shooting skills with tracked progress, look no further than the NRA’s Marksmanship Qualification Program, which is proud to offer a revamped book that includes new courses of fire for youth and adults.

Just want some ideas on shooting drills? You can find the courses of fire HERE.

The book presents the standards for each level in simple charts that list the rating, the shooting position, the type of target to use, the distance and the course of fire. The goals are intended to be challenging, but attainable.

Since it covers all classes of guns, the whole family can get something out of the program. Children can learn firearm safety and basic marksmanship with air guns; mothers can improve defensive-handgun skills; and all gun enthusiasts can go through tactical drills.


Featured image courtesy of Heath Layman.

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