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Real Avid Bore Boss – Like a Boss

Bore snakes work great.

Packaging on bore snakes is usually clunky or non existent.  Real Avid has the solution with the “world’s easiest bore cleaner.”

The Real Avid Bore Boss is as easy to use as; Flip, Feed, Clip, Pull.

The Bore Boss by Real Avid, a great design in a smart package

SHOT Show 2019 Range Day

Range Day was loud as usual. Very windy and pretty cold.  Some products were hotter than others though and the innovative products at Real Avid were a hidden treasure just off of the firing line.

A couple of the products that I loved were the AR Armorer’s Kit (more about that later) and the Real Avid Bore Boss.

The Bore Boss is a bore cleaner with a creative spin

Flip open the proprietary clean storing case and retrieve the cleaning cable.  Feed the dual action (not just a limp rope) through the barrel.  Clip the cleaning cable end to the closed case and you have a comfortable grip to pull the line through.

The Bore Boss by Real Avid, a great design in a smart package

Full disclosure: I haven’t had a chance to clean a firearm with this thing yet.  I have full confidence that it’s going to do a great job of cleaning the firearm barrel.

What makes this thing special is the packaging.  It’s smart, clean, compact, and user friendly.  If you own a bore snake and haul it around in a gear bag, range bag, or otherwise – I’m sure you’ve snagged the brush components on other bag contents and gotten knots in the line.  You won’t have this problem with the Bore Boss.

MSRP is just $10.00!

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