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Range Ready: Elite Survival Systems’ 4 Gun Pistol Pack

by John P. DeBeasso Jr.

For a fun day at the range, if you are like me, you take more than 1 or 2 guns along for the trip. For that, you need  a case that offers protection for your firearms as well as room for extra magazines, ammo and accessories.

The case is set up for 4 gun carry and there are a couple of ways that you can safely and securely carry your firearms in the case. The case was designed in a way for each side to have two identical compartments which can hold 2 handguns and extra magazines.

There are Velcro straps as well as elastic loops and Velcro pockets for magazines, accessories, ammo or just about anything. There are also 2 compartments that can be used for just about anything else you need to bring along.

Just as an example I have in each compartment a large revolver as well as a full size 1911, 5” and a Compact Model, 3.5” I prefer the gun secured using the loops over the Velcro straps, seems a little more secure. Either way should be fine though.

The case is large enough for 4 guns, ammo, cleaning supplies as well as your eye and ear protection. This case is very well constructed and should last a very long time. I would definitely recommend this case for a 1 gun range session or 4 gun session. Either way get out and enjoy the shooting sports!!


Constructed of 1000 denier nylon.
Heavy-duty zippers and hardware.
Two identical compartments to hold two handguns each.
Adjustable tie downs and pockets for guns and accessories
Divided accessory compartments.
Molded, easy-grip handle for secure carry.
Available in black.

****Shoulder strap is not included****


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