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Crossbreed Executive Gun Belt: Beyond Fashion to Function

Cross Breed Executive Gun Belt

I always had the idea that a belt is a belt! Well, that might be true for an everyday run of the mill belt but not so for an actual gun belt. A normal belt will carry a handgun, but you will get sagging from the weight of the gun. Not so with an actual gun belt.

This Executive belt features a liner, or stiffener if you will made from ¾” woven nylon webbing which makes the belt stiffer and helps to keep the belt from stretching over time.

Made from top grain leather and recessed stitched for a smooth look, it is beveled, burnished and joined together using recessed stitching and stout 277 thread. The finished belt will be right at ¼” thick.

The belt I chose is the Executive Gun Belt using the Founders Leather, 1 ½” in width, Founders buckle with a natural thread color. When choosing the size, you go with your pant size and add 4” to 5” to the length of the belt.

I chose 2 firearms from my collection to test using the belt. The first was my Compact, 3.5” weighing 1.9 pounds and the second was my Hi Cap 6” Longslide weighing 2.91 pounds.

I wanted to see how the belt performed using my lightest and heaviest handgun. I experienced no sagging whatsoever carrying each gun, the belt performed as it was built to.

Sure, you can use your everyday belt to carry your holstered handgun, it will work, for a while, but not as well as a belt designed specifically for carrying a holstered handgun. Please, if you want a belt that will carry your handgun exceptionally well please check out

By John P. DeBeasso Jr.

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