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IcePlate Curve: Next Generation of Water Bottle Design

Qore Performance IcePlates have changed the game for shooters working in extreme temperatures.  Qore’s vision is to harness the power of water and realize its full potential. Pushing the limits of water bottle design, the new IcePlate Curve furthers their mission to transform human performance, protecting and empowering end-users in the most hostile environments on earth.

Heat casualties are a critical problem for body armor users. This is, of course, a big deal for Military, SOF and Law Enforcement. There’s a new, way better, approach. The military has been trying to solve the problem of cooling soldiers efficiently for several decades. The insulating properties of protective body armor increase the risk of dehydration, heat stroke, and performance loss for those who wear it, as their bodies cannot offload the heat trapped by the armor. Typical cooling mechanisms require power or add significant weight to operator kit, making them ineffective and impractical. IcePlate cools and provides water.

IcePlate Curve maintains the power and storage specifications of the original IcePlate, such as an ultra-thin profile, powerful cooling and warming capabilities, and 50 oz. (1.5 L) water storage capacity. New are several user-driven ergonomic and usability upgrades.

IcePlate Curve: New Features Overview

Multi-Curve Geometry mimics and conforms to the Medium ESAPI armor plate. This first of its kind architecture provides an outstanding ergonomic fit for all body types, while providing greater surface area contact for cooling or warming.

TotalDrain Technology with all-new Wide Fill Port facilitates accurate, rapid filling, no matter the water source. This port also serves as the drainage port, maximizing water storage and reliability while minimizing weight. Proprietary TotalDrain Technology recesses this single port at the lowest point of the bottle, making every drop drinkable, cleaning a breeze, and making it easy to achieve an effortless perfect fill every time.

Q-Hex Baffle provides enhanced structure during the freezing process, preserving IcePlate Curve’s unparalleled ergonomic geometry. When in the field, the Q-Hex Baffle System further reduces audible sound.

IceCap allows IcePlate Curve to be stored with or without a hose for maximum storage efficiency. It features a universal Quick Disconnect interface that integrates seamlessly with most military and civilian drink hoses, allowing IcePlate Curve to go from freezer to field in seconds. A new, low-profile 90º elbow in black eliminates hose kink and is included with the standard drink hose.


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Mark Miller is a former Customs Agent and a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. A student of firearms and shooting, he is an FFL and a SOT. The guiding philosophy of his life is that terrain and situation dictate tactics and the enemy always gets a vote on any plan.

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