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Holosun HS507 First Look

A few weeks ago we featured out new affordable Ruger Mk IV 22/45 Lite pistol which featured a prominent rail on top just begging for optics. Well as it happens that our friends at Holosun have in the past year greatly expanded their line of red dot optics for pistols so that got us thinking about a collaboration project. A few emails and a phone call later and we have been blessed with a Holosun HS507C for our shooting pleasure. Lets take a peek at this latest offering and why we are so excite to have it today


Manufacturer: Holosun

Model: HS507C


  • Height: 1.54″
  • Width: 1.24″
  • Length: 1.78″
  • Weight: 1.5 Ounces
  • Window Size: 0.63″ x 0.91″

Reticle Types:

  • Single Dot
  • Circle
  • Circle Dot (Think Eotech Pattern)
  • Red Models and Green Models Reticles Now on the Market

Battery Life: 50,000 Hours (On setting 6/ Single Dot & 10,000 Hours on Circle/Dot)

Battery Type: Single CR1632

Holosun 507C Is Packed With Features Like This Solar Panel
Photo:Rick Dembroski


  • Solar Panel
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Picatinny Mount Included
  • Shake Awake Technology
  • Long Battery Life

Price: $309.00 Advertised (Primary Arms has them for $279 if you watch closely)

Why Holosun ? : Big Value For Not A Lot of Bucks

In the world of pistol optics the landscape is changing drastically and at a rapid pace. Years ago there was only Trijicon and Leupold, and most of those sights were cost prohibitive to the average weekend shooter. Holosun has been plying their trade for a few years now and really made a market for themselves after a few of their rifle optics survived ridiculous testing and still held zero. Well it appears Holosun paid attention to the media frenzy and took the technology in those rifle optics and made them smaller without sacrificing what made them such great sellers for the company over the past several years

When we look at the Holosun 507 and we compare it to the closest competitors on the market for pistols there are a few things that really stand out. The Holosun 507 comes in and nearly half the cost of the Sig Romeo series and several of the Trijicon offerings. Comparing the 507 to these optics there are some legitimate things you can compare and contrast and at the end of the day to me and my dollars the selectable reticles, ease of set up, warranty and cost certainly tilts the table in favor of the Holosun family of pistol optics including the 507.

Battery Tray Shown, Means No Removing Optic to Change Battery
Photo: Rick Dembroski

Set Up , Operation and Impressions on the Range

One thing that bothers me is when optics are a pain in the ass to set up and get dialed in. With the Holosun 507 I didn’t need a special adapter plate or hard to find special screws or any of that stuff. The company built this to work with picatinny rails and it arrived with the proper mount, and a screwdriver/adjustment tool in the package. Less than 2 minutes after I opened the package I had the optic installed and powered up.

The simple cross bolt screw that interfaced with the picatinny rails was a simple and effective way of securing the optic to our Ruger 22/45 Lite. It tightened down quickly and securely using the provided T10L key. An industry standard screw like the T10 means even if you lose the key you can find a replacement one at any hardware store or your own tool box.

Installing or replacing batteries on some older pistol optics required removal of the optic from your pistol. Thats not the case with the Holosun’s since the O Ring sealed battery access door is located on the side of the optic. So every 5-6 years when you need a new battery there is no need to rezero your favorite pistol, not that verifying your zero is a bad thing but it’s just not required every time a battery dies.

Zero Adjustments

As you can tell from our photos the controls for zeroing the pistol are clearly market and easy to see even for those of us who now require glasses. Windage controls are side of the 507 and elevation controls on the top just below the view finder. Ours required a whopping 2 clicks up and 1 click left and we were ready to spend the day ringing our Defense Targets RST steel target.


Range Time

Shooters want to know how optics actually function on the range not just in the advertisements. The Holosun 507 optic shows up very well in the window and its clear and clean during my short shooting sessions. I found that in the nearly 1000 rounds that I have used it that set up, & function of the Holosun 507 is fantastic. Using it is as fun as my old Eotech 512 was when I had it years ago, consistent simple fast target acquisition with good scoring hits. I chose to keep the 507 on the lazy man reticle pattern, that is the 32 MOA circle with the 2 MOA dot in the center.

Final Verdict

Should you take a serious look at the Holosun 507 and similar offerings from Holosun if you are in the market for optics ? I would say of course, without a doubt. If you don’t want to save money and have a great optic jam packed with features this is the optic for you. If you want to overpay and get a smaller return for your hard earned money then shop around and pay more, it’s your money. I would like to say one more time that competition drives the market just as much as global economies. I’m not sure if its the COVID 19 land we now live in or a sign of the times but the Holosun 507 can be picked up for considerably less than MSRP if you check around. As of 11/8/2020 the Holosun 507 has dropped to $278.99 on, a company that we have relied on for several years now, I trust them as should you .

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Rick Dembroski spent 10 of the best years of his life as a USAF Civil Engineer, traveling the globe, drinking beer, and causing chaos. His superiors dubbed him "King of Useless Knowledge" a title that he still loves to this day. After his military career he chose to stay in the frozen north of Alaska and currently works as an Emergency Management Specialist combining his love of chaos with preparedness to ensure people know how to survive disasters.

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