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Four Constant Carry Companions

There are four items that you need in your life at all times. Whenever you’re ambulatory, you should have a light, multitool, a folding/locking utility knife and a reliable folding knife.

Let’s operate under the premise that we use what we can best afford and agree that all of these are pretty darn important. If you’ve got these 4 things you’re way ahead of most of your cohorts, and being ahead is a good thing.

With the changing of seasons people often modify what they haul around. I’ve already done this, switching to a larger pistol that’s easier to hide with bulky outer garments. We’ll operate under the premise that your blow out kit is squared away, and sustained survival is on tap via your vehicle.

You don’t need a light that can cook bugs at 5 feet. A good light doesn’t need to be extremely powerful to be extremely useful.You just need something reliable with a common battery. If you don’t believe that your days aren’t already challenging enough, go ahead and get the type that you use your phone charger on. Why not? Granted it’s not going to work, but you’re saving the environment with your choice. We all know what a light is for and what it does, so we’re done here.

The next good thing to have is a solid multitool. I like the Leatherman Wingman, and this is why; it’s small, fairly light, has what you need and nothing else. I use this thing literally everyday.The best feature for me is the pocket clip. I’ve used far too many of the other types and a return to normalcy is welcome. Per the norm, there are way too many tools  with too much stuff on them. The secret with these 4 items is to have multiples if you can afford it. If you’ve got a tool on your person, in a bag, and in the car there’s a pretty small chance of ever getting caught flatfooted.

If I need to go from my everyday belt to the gun belt I only have to remove my phone and then don the Bat Belt. I can’t do that with an old school tool in a belt pouch. The Wingman is decently priced and they stand behind their warranty. I’ve had to use the warranty at least 4 times now with zero issue. These are a few reasons why I use this particular widget.

Next up is the utility knife. Previously we mentioned that a locking folder is best. This gives you 2 razor sharp edges on tap at all times. This latest type I’m using came in a 3 pack for $12. A magazine of 100 blades costs $16. This is a pretty small cost and they’re sprinkled around just like the multitools.

This brings me to a point that needs mentioning. I don’t care to bash companies and cost them money, but there’s a company that shares a name with pretty famous baby food. They make a tool called the EAB, and it’s no good. This tool is a peachy way for you to maim yourself, and relies on a special screw to hold the blade in. You’ll lose this screw-I’ll guarantee it. You also need a screwdriver to swap edges/blades after removing that nifty screw . They also have an overloaded tool called the Suspension. The clip can’t do the job properly, and will constantly slip off of and out of your pants.

So here we are, 3 tools into four. I’m on a range about 8 months a year and these 3 tools keep me in business. You don’t need a specialized multitool for AR platform stuff, the Wingman does just fine. If something arises outside of an immediate fix, use a different gun. The light allows me to check chambers and get in early in the morning when the outer lights are off. The utility knife cuts open thousands of rounds every week with the occasional blade swap. While your tasks may differ, these 3 items will likely benefit you as well.

This brings us to the final tool- the folder. People get hinky about knives, and you need to be aware of your laws. If at all possible, a fixed blade is superior. Many workplaces don’t allow knives these days, and when you look around it’s not difficult to see why. In my generation, that first knife was a rite of passage.It was a totem that showed you were responsible. Again, look around you. Anything fearful is to be banished, because penalties are preferred over training.

You don’t use a pocket knife for cutting ammo, cardboard, or anything else. This will dull the knife, and you’ll wind up cutting yourself, somehow. A dull knife is dangerous.The knife is to be unobtrusive and razor sharp- that’s it.You need to possess the knowledge to keep the knife sharp, the same way you need to know the pistol well enough to carry on a chambered round.

So what’s the “Knife Plan”, since you’re carrying it/ Do you possess the abilities to use a knife or counter an attack?Don’t doubt for a moment that a knife is just as lethal as a firearm, properly employed.We can debate all this defensive stuff until the cows come home and gain nothing but carpal tunnel.

If you’ve decided to be a boxer, you’ve resigned yourself to getting hit.How can you possibly believe that if you get in a dun fight, you won’t get shot? If the tool is a knife, expect to be slashed or stabbed. We don’t want this, but it’s quite possible. That’s why we train.

A knife is the very last resort, just like the firearm, and this is spooky stuff we push away into the recesses of the mind. I won’t recommend a specific knife because the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I’ve got dozens of them for dozens of reasons, just like firearms.In my mind they’re equally capable of many things, and capable of defending me and others if things get sticky.

So there we have it-4 items to have with you constantly.Your list might vary as we all walk different paths, but if you’re on this site you want information and insights.You don’t have to be rich to obtain these items, and multiples of everything can keep you equipped as well as your buddy who likely has none of this stuff.

These are insights from 1 person, your results may vary, and no one sponsors me for products mentioned.

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Learn Daily

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