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Fit’n Fire: High Intensity Interval Training

As a responsible gun owner and concealed carry permit holder, one of the best ways to protect yourself and those around you is by establishing a good foundation of fitness. Yes, believe it or not, fitness! As I have become more and more competitive in shooting sports, the stress of those events has loosely translated into the stress you might encounter if you would have to fight for your life. It is not the same type of stress; however, your body will react similarly in dealing with different stressors. Ask yourself this, if you were to get into a fight, would you have the stamina and/or strength to get through it? If the answer is anything other than an emphatic ‘YES,’ then I may have an option for you.

High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) is a type of workout that is a great way to not only work on your cardiovascular stamina but also your strength and endurance. While HIIT may sound intimidating, it is designed to be tailored for each person’s level of experience and ability. In addition, the Tabata style of HIIT focuses on the interval aspect of these types of workouts. Interval training is the best way to increase your cardio, period. By increasing your fitness, you will find that you will have more energy and more focus on everything that you are engaged in. In addition, your increased fitness will also allow to have better control your weapons as you shoot and as your body absorbs recoil. If this is something that may interest you, please consult your primary care physician to ensure this style of workout is right for you.


About Mark F. Grimsley:

An 11 year veteran of the U.S. Army and a current Army spouse, Mark has a passion to help others. His YouTube channel, Fit’n Fire, looks to review guns and gear and provide the fitness to run both. He enjoys shooting IDPA and 3 Gun matches to keep his shooting skills relevant. His favorite guns are the Glock 19, carbine and mid-length AR platforms, and the Mossberg 930 JM Pro. Mark holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Kansas State University and makes his home in Manhattan, Kansas with his wife and 2 children.

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