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Omeals are the New Generation of Self Heating Meals

Life is Lived on the Go

Omeals provides a smart solution for those needing a self heating meal – whatever your circumstances.

Omeals is the next generation of self heating meals that offers healthy, self-heating, portable meals that you can trust.  Omeals are a great option for those that are going camping, hiking, or exploring.


Developed by outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, adventurers, and chefs; Omeals was created to be a solution to self-heating, portable, and cost effective meals.

Omeals offers a wide variety of meals ranging from breakfast oatmeal, stew, creole, chili, tortellini and other combinations, Omeals is definitely not your grandfather’s version of an MRE.

Omeals are Easy to Use

Just open the package, remove the contents, place the meal pouch back inside the packaging, open the heater and place it back in the bag and pour 3-5 oz of any liquid into the bag and seal it.  Omeals starts heating right away and steams out of the top of the packaging that is made to stand on it’s own.

Once the meal has been thoroughly warmed for about 3 to 5 minutes, open your bag back up and remove the contents.  the food bag itself is also made to stand on it’s own or you can transfer it to your favorite camping plate or bowl.

Omeal comes with a spoon, seasoning, and a napkin.

I think I’m going to be tossing a few of these in my person rig and work rig for just in case scenarios.  Add in a cup of Black Rifle Coffee made from my collapsible pour over device and my burr grinder and I’ll be in business!

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