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“10-7 Good Night” Get a good night’s sleep

The statement, “get a good night’s sleep,” isn’t so easy to grasp by everyone.  Hero Fuel believes they have a difference maker with their product, “10-7 Good Night” All Natural Sleep Formula.

If you are one of those that hold the line so that other’s can sleep peaceably at night, you’re probably aware of the struggles shift work and adrenaline have on your body when it comes to sleeping.

I am not a sleep expert but I sure appreciate being able to have a good night’s sleep.  After over 27 years of shift work as a police officer, sometimes I struggle shutting my brain and body down to get a good “night’s” sleep, especially when that involves going to bed at 0800 hours. 

Since trying 10-7 Good Night All Natural Sleep Formula, I’ve found myself able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.  When I wake up, I feel more refreshed and less groggy.  I’m not someone that likes popping a pill for anything, but I feel good about the ingredients of this product and not conflicted with using it.

Whether you’re a public safety worker or not, if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, check out 10-7 Good Night All Natural Sleep Formula and see if it works for you. 

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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