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Blue Shield Tactical Systems’ Tactical Pen

The Multi-Tool of Pens

Blue Shield Tactical Systems LLC has a great product at an affordable price called the Blue Shield Tactical Pen.  The Blue Shield Tactical Pen is the multi-tool of pens with an ink pen, stylus, strike point, knife, and a glass break! Blue Shield Tactical Systems is owned and operated by an active-serving law enforcement officer.


The pen part of this tool is a black-ink ball point pen.  It comes with an ink in it and two refills.  If you use all these up, the company advises you can find replacements for it at most office supply stores.  Each section of the pen screws onto the other, making for a tight and clean fit.


The stylus portion of this tool works exceptionally well.  I’ve struggled with getting some styluses to work on my iPhone with LifeProof case but this one works better than my finger.

Strike Point

The strike point is solid always ready to be used.  With the pen being used in this manner, it reminds me of the Kubotan I was given by my dad in the late 80’s!  It could easily be wielded as a self-defense tool if circumstances demanded it for striking or for gaining leverage against an opponent.


The knife is accessed in the middle of the pen.  The knife is short and blunt, making it perfect for opening an envelope at your desk or more. While not the emphasis of this pen, the knife could be just what the doctor ordered when walking to a car alone at night.

Glass Break

Unlike some other pen-based glass breaks, the emphasis on this tool isn’t the glass break.  If you need it, you simply unscrew the cap of the pen to expose it.  The removed section can be reattached at the opposite end for more purchase on the tool or just used as is.  The thickness and weight of the pen lends itself to staying in the hand and striking with a purpose.  The glass break is perfect for when you need to make an emergency exit after a collision or, for that matter, an emergency entrance.

What’s it Cost

The Blue Shield Tactical System’s Tactical Pen is bargained priced at only $14.95.  This purchase price includes taxes and shipping.  The Tactical Pen is slightly larger than a standard pen but will fit most shirt pockets or be easily placed inside a small purse or pocket.  When you head over to the website to purchase it, check out the training they offer and other products for sale.

Manufacturing Material

Aircraft grade aluminum with fitted rubber washers to keep out moisture and debris.

Who Needs This

Well, you probably do.  And at the low price-point, buy one for your spouse or kid going to college.  Head over to Blue Shield Tactical Systems and get yourself one.

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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