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Blauer Guardian III Keeper Belt

A Better Start to a Gun Belt

Keeping your gun belt where it belongs is important.  Being comfortable for a 12-hour or more shift is important.  Keeping your gun belt where it belongs and being comfortable is a wonderful thing.  Blauer has a solution.

Most of us that wear a gun belt start with a quality rigid under-belt with keepers or a velcro lined under-belt that tears up your pants eventually.  For the most part, you have the option of keepers or hook fasteners.  Most of these belts can be a pinch point, are overly rigid or not rigid enough, and don’t provide any type of cushion.

A Better Start to a Gun Belt: Blauer Guardian III Keeper Belt

Blauer Guardian III Keeper Belt

Blauer Guardian III

The Blauer Guardian III has a flat buckle. It is rigid yet still has flex and stretch to it. A silicone bead on the lining prevents the belt from sliding and twisting. Breathable elastic webbing cushions protect your hips from that duty belt; Blauer is on to something.

After breaking my back at my lower lumbar a few years ago, wearing a duty belt for a long day can become quite painful.  I found duty belts that had increased lower lumbar coverage area that helped displace the weight and load but found the under belt continued to be a harsh reality.  Additionally, not just any belt would work for the under belt as standard keepers wouldn’t fit in the larger lumbar area.  I didn’t think I could find a solution to this under belt problem until I discovered the Blauer Guardian III Keeper Belt.

After wearing this under belt for the past two months, I wish I had found this belt a long time ago!  Blauer’s belt does exactly what they claimed it would.  It works under any loop duty belt, is low profile, and gives the cushion that I needed.


If you’re looking for a comfortable under belt for your duty belt, battle belt, or range gear then you should consider Blauer’s Guardian III Keeper Belt.

If you’re not wearing an under belt and just letting your gun belt slide around and move, you’re robbing yourself of a much better draw of your firearm and the ability to retain your tools in a fight.

Warning: when you order yours (for about $25.00) be sure to measure while in uniform and get the size you need, not the size you think you are or wish you were.

Find a Blauer dealer her you HERE MSRP $20.99

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