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AXIL TRACKR: When You Need to Hear and When You Don’t

While working around loud noises for the better part of my life I have required quality hearing protection for many years. Whether on the job site working construction, on active duty as a police officer, firearms instructor, or even just around the house with chainsaws and other power tools, I have learned that having quality and comfortable hearing protection is a necessity. When I was younger I would neglect hearing protection probably more often than I should have. Now that I have gained some wisdom, I see the benefits of protecting what I have left.

AXIL TRACKR Electronic Ear Muffs
Photo by: Matt Umstead

According to the CDC, above 70 decibels (dB) for a prolonged period can start to damage hearing, and loud noises above 120 dB can cause immediate damage. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends environmental noise to remain below 70dB for 24 hours and anything over 75 dB nor to excide 8 hours. Normal conversation is rated around 60 dB, and a piece of gas-powered lawn equipment averages 80-85 dB, which can cause damage after 2 hours of exposure.

The Numbers:

Manufacture:  Axil

Model: TRACKR™ Electronic Ear Muffs

Dimensions: collapsed approx:

5.5 inches tall

4.5 inches wide

4 inches deep


  • 3.5mm Audio Jack Input
  • External battery door
  • Single volume control

Noise Reduction Rating: 25dB

Included: 2 ‘AAA’

MSRP: $99.00 usd

AXIL TRACKR held by ReadyUpGear EarClip
Photo by: Matt Umstead

First Impressions:

When I received the earmuffs, the packaging was of good quality provided more than adequate protection for shipping and displaying on store shelves. I will say I prefer the packaging over several other ear protection I have had the displeasure of opening (if you have ever had to open one of those vacuumed formed heat-sealed packages, you know what I mean).

Once out of the package, you can feel the quality of the AXIL TRACKR™ Electronic Ear Muffs. They are relatively compact when completely collapsed, lightweight without losing quality, and stiff without being ridged. At first, I found the band’s shape a little different until I used them while wearing a ball cap. The slight bump in the top of the band made it far more comfortable than others I have used that had a smooth curve through the band.

Flat section in the middle of the headband.
Photo by: Matt Umstead

Wear Ability:

The AXIL ear muffs wear quite comfortable for prolonged periods. The cushion was a little stiff, but that could be due to being new or the single-digit temperatures we’ve been experiencing these past few days. I could easily wear these all day without any discernable discomfort over other muffs. The hearing enhancement works flawlessly and allows for comfortable conversation with a quick response to all sounds over 85 dB. The Autoblocker Technology has an advertised reaction time of 0.02 seconds. I have no way of testing this precise speed, but I can say it activated quickly, preventing any extreme noise from reaching my ears.

Sound Deadening:

The real question is, how well do they work at enhancing what I hear while blocking out what could damage my hearing? While using on an outdoor range with several other shooters, the Autoblocker Technology worked seamlessly. They were shutting out each shot while still allowing for conversation without the need to shout or constantly repeating ourselves. The 25dB NRR provided more than enough noise reduction to shot until we were too cold to keep shooting comfortably. The AXIL TRACKR™ outperformed far more expensive muffs with their ability to amplify conversation while still providing adequate protection for your hearing. 

Single volume control.
Photo by: Matt Umstead

Final Thoughts:

The AXIL TRACKR™ Electronic Headmuffs will be a welcomed addition to my range bag. Their ability to collapse down is essential for my range bag which has limited space. Real Estate comes at a premium with the gear I am going to load up to the range, and I only have room for quality gear that doesn’t take up to much space. The AXIL has done a great job at combining quality electronics in a compact, comfortable wearing design for an all in package that performs beyond expectations. 

About the Author /

Matt Umstead is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran with 4 years active service as Military Police where he spent most of his time on a Special Reaction Team becoming proficient in special tactics and response. After his time with the Marine Corps, in 2007 he transitioned into law enforcement where he spent 8 years as a federal police officer. He now spends his days in Alaska as a lead firearms instructor teaching federal police officers, contractors, and military personnel on basic marksmanship and weapons tactics for various firearms ranging from 9mm pistol up to the .50 caliber machine gun. When not at work, he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking with his family

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