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A Sharp Edge and a Hobo

Blake here with a couple of great products from W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., a company that builds knives with integrity for people of integrity!

Pictured here are two knives from their fillet line and one of their signature Hobo silverware sets.

Overall, some quality knives with a very lightweight feel. Made from Case Tru-Sharp™ stainless steel blades, my knives have held a good edge and I’ve been able to fillet to my heart’s desire without having to do any sharpening. These Case Fillet Knives with Ballistic Nylon Sheaths are fixed-blades attached to a very durable handle. They bend easily for a perfect fillet and return to shape unlike some cheaper knives. The blade is thin and the handle is resilient with a good positive grip. I really enjoyed by the 6″ fillet knife and the 9″ fillet knife.

As for the Hobo. Let me tell you, I have put this sucker through the ringer. Spilled grease, dropped in the mud, and washed it more times than I can remember. I’m very impressed with how the Hobo has held up with a somewhat rough carrier.

The bone handle provides a positive grip and the design to come apart and use it works wonderfully. The Amber Bone handle is procured internationally, rendered from the hearty shin bone of Zebu cattle, a substance tough enough for the rigors of Case knife demands.

The Hobo features a Clip blade, fork and spoon which is perfect for when you don’t know what you’ll be needing! You simply open it and the handle splits apart into separate tools. The spoon and fork each have a little surprise of a cap lifter to open those cold drinks quickly.

The Hobo is perfect for a backpacker, a lunch bag, or the glovebox of your rig for when you are eating on the go.

Like I said. Overall, some pretty quality knives. I would definitely recommend these to those who spend a lot of time backpacking and need lightweight, quality gear.

Blake Countryman is a outdoor life enthusiast that enjoys backpacking, kayaking, shooting, and an adventure lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.

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