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Zero9 Holsters is Duty Gear Evolved

Zero9 Holsters offer kydex solutions that work for the law enforcement and concealed carry communities. Zero9 Holsters is a Cleveland, Ohio based custom Kydex manufacturing company.

Is it time for your Duty Gear to Evolve?

When I started working in law enforcement in 1993 I was issued basketweave leather gear.  It worked but was heavy, maintenance required, and often uncomfortable.  The leather was also quite stiff and squeaky until it broke in.  I upgraded to nylon duty gear in the late 90’s and have toyed with some kydex mixed in over the years.  I’ve never been completely happy with the options that I’ve found until now.

Zero9 Holsters offers lightweight, maintenance free Kydex solutions for duty gear.  It’s lightweight, durable, and comfortable.


Leather and nylon gear can be a pain to clean up when it’s been exposed to simple messes such as moisture and mud but becomes a nightmare when it has been covered in blood borne pathogens etc.  Kydex makes cleanup a synch and with the smart mounting solutions like Malice Clips or Tek-Lok, you can easily remove the holster in questions without having to slide everything on and off the belt to get to it.

Kydex holsters are ready to use right away!  No break-in period to get the leather to fit properly or quit squeaking.

Looks Great

I went with a plain finish to meet the requirements of my department but Zero9 Holsters offers options for basketweave too.  No more curling leather corners or dirty looking nylon gear when you switch to Kydex.

Mounting Solutions

With most Nylon and Leather gear, you are stuck with the belt attachment style and belt attachment location that the manufacturer chooses for you.  With Zero9 Holsters, you pick the belt attachment and you pick from several “ride-heights” when you attach it.  Just determine where you want the attachment to sit on the case and then apply a small amount of the included threadlocker product to each machine screw and install.  It’s that easy to do.

I went with the single handcuff cases for my ASP brand handcuffs, radio holster, upright and open top magazine holster, OC holster, and the AR single magazine pouch holster from Zero9 Holsters.

The handcuff holsters sit high and tight to the belt and give a positive snap when you put them in.  They are quiet in the case and stay perfectly oriented for presentation out of the holster.

The radio holster is specific to my radio and fits perfectly.  Radio holsters tend to sag out and away from the body with the weight but this holster keeps it in place and easily secures in with a cord that hooks over the volume control.

The triple magazine case takes up the same amount of space as my old double magazine case!  It orients the magazines for an easy draw and load.

AR/M4 Single Magazine Pouch with mounting options

Highly Recommended

Good gear needs to keep things in place, make it easy to get the required tool, and keep things quiet.  Zero9 Holsters checks all those boxes and then some. Zero9 is a LEO owned small business that deserves our support.  If you have a custom need, let them know!  Zero9 Holsters is a Made in the USA company and has a limited lifetime warranty that covers craftsmanship and production issues.  Free delivery on individual web orders over $100.  Give Zero9 a shot at your business.

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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